40% quota for whites in national & provincial sports teams - Fikile Mbalula

Sports minister says codes that do not comply will be stripped of their national colours, deprived of funding



The meeting of the Minister and Members of the Provincial Executive Councils met this morning in Cape Town, Parliament of the Republic of South Africa on the 28th of March 2014, to consider among other things the report of the pilot study on the status of transformation in Sport in South Africa.

The study focused on the top 5 National Federations, i.e Rugby, Cricket, Football, Athletics and Netball and will be expanded to the include 11 additional codes in 2014. The numbers will grow over the next few years until all Provinces are covered.

 The findings of the pilot project are shocking and show that little has been done in transforming sport especially our National and Provincial teams. Grassroots structures are non-existent at school and club levels.

The Report also revealed  that the participation of the Blacks in general and Africans in particular is declining tremendously. Sport in rural areas and townships is in a parlous state due to the lack of facilities, poorly maintained sport infrastructure and uneven access of facilities for all South Africans.

The report further reveals that there is a lack of willingness in implementing transformation especially the enforcement of quotas and other dimensions despite an agreement before and after the National Sport and Recreation Indaba.

The MINMEC therefore resolved:

  1. To adopt the EPG Report on Transformation in sport;
  2. To use the report to draft a Road Map to aggressively implement the recommendations of the report and the resolutions of MINMEC March 2014

MINMEC further resolved with immediate effect to:

  1. Vigorously implement the Quota system as instructed by the National Sports and Recreation Plan held in November 2011.
  2. Embark on a Road Show in all 9 Provinces and the piloted 5 federations to give instructions on the implementation of Quotas and Recommendations of the EPG Report
  3. To increase the quota system from 50/50 to 40/60 percent representation. The should give effect to 60% black representation to both Provincial and National teams
  4. Demand Development plans from SARU, SAFA, CSA, ASA and Netball SA as a matter of urgency and with immediate effect.
  5. Mandate all MEC's of Sport and Recreation to meet with Provincial Teams and Confederations to Communicate the decisions of the MINMEC and its impact on Provinces
  6. Mandate EPG and SRSA to enforce and monitor the implementation of the abovementioned decisions.

We hope to finish this entire mammoth task before the new government administration takes office as a basis to lay foundation on the long term plan and to manage coherence on the vision 2030 as per the resolutions of the National Sport and Recreation Indaba.

In the interim, the Department of Sport and Recreation is instructed to develop guidelines on the distinction of roles and responsibilities of the sport stakeholders in the implementation of the recommendations of the pilot study on the status of transformation in sport in South Africa together with the resolutions of the Minister's meeting with the Members of the Provincial Executive Councils (MINMEC).

If there is resistance or any form of hostility to implement these resolutions and recommendations, government will not have any option but to:

Withdraw any form of funding and support to federations and sport bodies that do not comply with transformation requirements

Withdraw the National colours to any federation(s) who are hell bent on the current set up and status quo.

Utilize Bidding and Hosting regulations to be illegal to Bid without government approval

Bar sponsorship against any federation that does not and/or is hostile to transformation


As we rise from this meeting we would like to call upon all South Africans and sport loving people of our country to travel this journey with us towards the creation of a united, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic sport system in South Africa.

Statement issued by the Ministry of Sport and Recreation South Africa, April 4 2014. Posted on the SRSA website April 9 2014

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