Krejcir has offered to blow the lid on cop corruption - AfriForum/Paul O'Sullivan

Czech criminal accused of having collusive and corrupt dealings with senior SAPS officials

AfriForum’s Anti-corruption Unit and Paul O’Sullivan unveils corrupt dealings of high-ranking state officials

19 October 2016

AfriForum launched its Anti-corruption Unit in cooperation with Paul O’Sullivan, Forensic Investigator and certified Fraud Examiner, at a media conference in Centurion today. The civil rights organisation has long recognised the fact that systemic corruption could bring any country to its knees and therefore decided to take this opportunity to expose how the criminal justice system had been captured by the underworld.

“The very institutions who have been entrusted to uphold our codes of law and protect us from crime, have instead been infiltrated by criminals with badges who have decided to rather form partnerships with the underworld. Now corrupt politicians can satisfy their own greed with total impunity, being held above the law. Instead of protecting South Africans, they have become the enemy of South Africans and have abandoned their oaths of office and pledges to abide by the Constitution,” said Monique Taute, Head of AfriForum’s Anti-corruption Unit.

Taute and her team will among other play a coordinating role to identify corruption by senior officials, have it examined by experienced investigators, ensuring that criminal charges are brought and applying pressure to ensure prosecution by exposing corruption in public and running public campaigns against corruption.

“Working closely with Paul O’Sullivan, we plan on eradicating corruption by focusing on worthy cases and litigating against the State to force the State to comply with its responsibility to put criminals behind bars,” she explained.

At the public launching of their Anti-corruption Unit, AfriForum and O’Sullivan exposed how one criminal from the Czech Republic had been able to penetrate almost every organ of State, which had enabled him to unleash a crime wave the likes of which the country had never seen before.

AfriForum and O’Sullivan then provided proof to the media of Radovan Krejcir’s collusive and corrupt dealings with people like Lt Gen. Vinesh Moonoo, Maj. Gen. Joey Mabasa, Magistrate Stephan Holzen and Lt Gen. Richard Mdluli. The documents included a letter from Krejcir’s attorney that was sent to Andrew Chauke, the Director of Public Prosecutions in Gauteng, in which Krejcir offers to give evidence against these persons, as well as affidavits from witnesses which corroborate Krejcir’s offer to come clean.

AfriForum also sent letters on Tuesday on behalf of O’Sullivan to Cyril Ramaphosa, Deputy President of South Africa, and advocate Shawn Abrahams. The letters provided a summary to bring the evidence to their attention and urged them to use the valuable opportunity to make serious inroads into winning the war on corruption. All documents can be viewed here (and some below).

“None of Krejcir’s crimes would have been possible without the assistance and protection of senior officials within the criminal justice system, who, instead of locking him up, colluded with him to commit fraud, corruption, racketeering, robbery and murder, and to defeat the ends of justice. I have opened multiple dockets that contain volumes of prima facie evidence against these senior officials, and yet none of them have to date been brought to book. Instead, I have been attacked in the most unsettling of ways and with considerable State resources,” said Paul O’Sullivan.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, the founding of AfriForum’s Anti-corruption Unit had been necessitated by the fact that corruption had spread like a cancer in Jacob Zuma’s government and was quickly bringing the country to its knees. Kriel pointed out that the situation was exacerbated by the fact that the criminal justice system, that was supposed to fight corruption, had instead been infiltrated by criminals. The system was subservient to greedy politicians who only wanted to enrich themselves. “While corrupt politicians and senior officials aren’t prosecuted, state resources are used to prosecute champions in the fight against corruption on trumped-up charges, such as Paul O’Sullivan and Pravin Gordhan,” Kriel added.

According to Kriel, the establishing of AfriForum’s Anti-corruption Unit was the first step in AfriForum’s fight against corruption. The organisation currently plans the second step, namely to establish a private prosecuting unit to prosecute corrupt officials who are being protected by the NPA itself.

AfriForum wants to encourage the public to support the fight against corruption. This can be done by sending an SMS with their name and “Corruption” to 38312 to donate R10 to the anti-corruption fund.

· Evidence attached:

- Annexure 1: Radovan Krejcir admits corrupt dealings with senior officials.

- Annexure 2: Corrupt dealings between Mabasa and Krejcir.

- Annexure 3: Krejcir bribes Magistrate Holzen.

- Annexure 4: Letter to Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deputy President, and NDPP.

Annexure 1

Letter from Eric Leigh Bryer, Attorney acting on behalf of Radovan Krejcir to Adv. Andrew Chauke, The Director of Public Prosecutions –South Gauteng, 4 October 2016

October 4, 2016 
Adv. Andrew Chauke 
The Director of Public Prosecutions –South Gauteng 
Innes Chambers 
Kerk Street 

Attention: Mr. J.J. du Toit

Per hand delivery

Dear Sir


My meeting with your Mr. du Toit on the 4th instant refers.

I confirm advising that I act for Mr. Krejcir and hold a specific mandate dated July 22, 2016 to negotiate a settlement on his behalf concerning the cases that he faces.

My instructions are that my client will plead guilty to all charges if he is given a concurrent ten year Jail sentence in respect of each offence.

Client seeks voluntary extradition in return therefore.

Client is prepared to turn state witness in respect of these cases to assist.

Furthermore I am instructed that client had collusive corrupt dealings with the likes of Lt General Moonoo, Maj General Mabaso , Magistrate Holzen and Lt General Mdluli.

My instructions are that he is prepared to undergo extensive debriefing and to testify in respect thereof from his home Country of Czech Republic where adequate security will be given.

If accepted the state will save astronomical costs.

My further instructions are that my client has the approval of his home country through his attorneys based there.

Please consider the above and revert to me at your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully 

Annexure 4:

Letter from Hurter Spies on behalf of Paul O’Sullivan to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and NDPP Shaun Abrahams, 18 October 2016

18 October 2016

The Honourable Deputy President Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa,

And to

The Director of Public Prosecutions Advocate Shawn Abrahams

Dear Sirs,


We represent Mr Paul O’Sullivan, who has instructed us to address you in the following terms:

1. We attach hereto a letter addressed to the DPP South Gauteng by Radovan Krejcir’s attorney, Eric Bryer, which is self-explanatory. The file name is ‘letter dpp 2016-10-04

2. Our instructions are that the contents of the letter have been rejected out of hand, with no attempt to negotiate or explore the contents thereof.

3. Our client has an interest in the matters advanced in the letter as follows:

3.1 Our client is the ‘complainant’ against Radovan Krejcir on many cases, including fraud, corruption, racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder and murder.

3.2 Our instructions are that Radovan Krejcir and corrupt police officials under his control have attempted to kill our client on at least six occasions. The latest attempt was in May of this year, when our client set a trap for the conspirators to be caught, which trap was deliberately bungled by police officials under the command of Major General Mokotedi.

3.3 On page two of the letter addressed to the DPP, South Gauteng a number of high profile names are mentioned, which all have significance to our client, which will be expanded on hereunder.

4. Lt General Moonoo

(hereinafter referred to as ‘Moonoo’)

4.1 Our client has in the last three years opened a plethora of dockets against Moonoo, for the offences of corruption, racketeering and defeating the ends of justice. Nothing has come of those dockets, presumably because of Moonoo’s political connections.

4.2 One of the serious allegations our client has made against Moonoo, which ultimately led to our client’s arrest on trumped up charges, is that Moonoo was protecting criminal associates of the President, Mr Jacob Zuma, one of whom is suspected to be involved in money-laundering for drug traffickers associated with Al-Qaeda. Our instructions are that it was this exposing of the links that led to our client’s unlawful arrest and torture at the hands of officials in the Hawks, which has been the subject of a High Court application recently launched by our client.

4.3 Despite the overwhelming prima facie evidence against Moonoo, which evidence has been researched and adduced over more than three years, absolutely no steps have been taken against Moonoo whatsoever. Thereby sending out a clear signal that corruption by high-ranking police officials will be ignored, and therefore condoned.

4.4 Our client is aware that Moonoo received an amount of R5 million from Krejcir, which was supposed to have been payment to Moonoo, in return for which Moonoo would derail the trials against Krejcir and he would walk free. It was only the determined efforts of our client, which prevented Krejcir and Moonoo from succeeding in their plans, which would have included the murder of certain witnesses by Krejcir.

5. Major General Mabasa

(hereinafter referred to as ‘Mabasa’)

5.1 It is common cause that Mabasa was unlawfully allowed to quietly resign from the police and depart, in late 2010, with a golden-handshake exceeding R3m. This was after our client exposed the corrupt relationship between Mabasa and Krejcir.

5.2 Curiously, despite there being overwhelming evidence against Mabasa, researched and adduced by our client, he too was allowed to quietly disappear into the ether, again reinforcing the signal that corruption and racketeering by senior police officials will go unchecked.

5.3 Our client, at his own expense, travelled to the Czech Republic in 2015, to adduce further evidence against Mabasa, which evidence has also been swept under the carpet. A copy of a sworn statement from a witness to the corrupt relationship between Mabasa and Krejcir is attached. The file name is ‘Statement 2015-02-27 Mabasa Bribes_Redacted

5.4 Our client is adamant that it was the corrupt relationship between Mabasa and Krejcir, that gave Krejcir the confidence to attempt to murder our client on so many occasions. The same confidence and impunity which led to the murder by Krejcir, of many persons, including Lolly Jackson and German car-dealer Uwe Gemballa. Our client is in possession of sworn statements confirming this.

6. Lt General Mdluli

(hereinafter referred to as ‘Mdluli’)

6.1 It is general knowledge that Mdluli has been languishing at home, since his suspension in early 2011. He has been charged for various offences, including his complicity in the kidnapping and murder of the boyfriend of Mdluli’s mistress.

6.2 During his ‘suspension’ Mdluli has racked up a salary bill and benefits in excess of R10 million. It is also an open secret, that Mdluli is still running the crime intelligence division of the police, from his home in Dawn Park, Boksburg.

6.3 It is also common cause that unlawful attempts to protect Mdluli, by both former advocates Jiba and Mrwebi, led to the latter two being disgraced and removed from the roll of advocates.

6.4 Our client opened a substantial criminal docket against Mrwebi, Jiba, Mdluli, Mokotedi and others, as a result of their unlawful attempts to derail the Jackie Selebi trial. In that docket, our client also alleged that Jiba & Mrwebi were unlawfully protecting Mdluli, and are therefore guilty of offences in terms of Section 32 of the NPA Act.

6.5 Not only has Mdluli been overtly ‘protected’, because of his close relationship with the President, but so too have Jiba and Mrwebi, leaving it up to civil society to step in where the machinations of State have failed the country due to political interference.

7. Magistrate Holzen

(hereinafter referred to as ‘Holzen’)

7.1 When Krejcir first arrived in South Africa, in 2007, he was promptly arrested and imprisoned, pending an extradition application from the Czech Republic.

7.2 Curiously he was then released on bail and the same Magistrate (Holzen) then dismissed the extradition application by the Czech Government. By wrongfully dismissing the application for extradition, Holzen released a crime wave the likes of which the country has never seen, led by Krejcir.

7.3 Holzen’s conduct was inexplicable, with the logical conclusion that he must have been paid off. Had Krejcir not paid Holzen off, he would have been back in the Czech Republic ten years ago and nobody in the country would have known the name.

7.4 This led to the State bringing an application to review Holzen’s decision and it was eventually set aside, at great cost to the State and an even greater cost to the community of South Africa, that were then plagued by Krejcir’s crime-wave, which was unleashed on them. See attached file named ‘ Holzen review’. See also attached file named ‘Statement 01 G Louca 2014-11-05 Holzen

8. With Krejcir now offering to give evidence against Moonoo, Mdluli, Mabasa and Holzen, a golden opportunity has been presented to demonstrate that corrupt officials can and will be held accountable for their activities, no matter how well connected they are.

9. Accordingly, our client believes that a valuable opportunity has been presented to make serious inroads into the war on corruption, which if left unchecked, will have dire consequences for the country and its people.

10. Our client looks forward to urgent intervention, so that this unique opportunity is not lost.

11. Our client also tenders his full support in the ongoing investigations, including full access to his substantial sets of evidence against the persons Krejcir is now offering to expose.

We look forward to your urgent response.


Per W D Spies

Issued by AfriForum, 19 October 2016