The DA mayoral candidates for Joburg, Tshwane - Zille

Mmusi Maimane and Brandon Topham to lead party's campaigns in two metros

2011 Elections: DA announces Mayoral candidates for City of Johannesburg and Tshwane Metro

It is my pleasure and privilege to introduce to you today the Democratic Alliance's Mayoral Candidates for the City of Johannesburg and Tshwane Metro respectively.

Mmusi Maimane was last night elected as our Mayoral candidate for Johannesburg, and Brandon Topham as our Mayoral Candidate for Tshwane.

I believe both of these candidates embody the principles and values that define the DA's vision of an Open Opportunity Society for All. I have confidence that in both Metros, these candidates will be able to communicate that vision in a way that resonates with all residents.

Together, Johannesburg and Pretoria constitute South Africa's economic hub - indeed, the economic pulse of Africa. Yet they are in disarray. Both of these Metros face profound and fundamental problems, the result of local government failure to deliver basic services, develop and maintain working infrastructure, secure the safety of their residents, and ensure a clean and efficient administration.   This creates a context for economic decline, unemployment and poverty.  It must be turned around.

Both Mmusi and Brandon are acutely aware of these problems, and what the Democratic Alliance must do to provide an alternative government in which all citizens can take pride because their municipality delivers excellent services and a context for economic growth and increased employment.

The Democratic Alliance has a proven track record of delivery in Cape Town, and I believe both of these candidates are capable of bringing the DA's vision and track record to Johannesburg and Tshwane, and effecting positive change for all.

I would like to tell you a bit about each candidate's background:

Mmusi Maimane

In many ways Mmusi Maimane symbolises our party's future.  He is a young, supremely talented individual, committed to the values and principles which define the DA's vision of an Open Opportunity Society for All.  He exemplifies these values.   He grew up in Soweto, his parents still stay there, and he has lived there most of his life.

Through sacrifice, hard work, and a desire to use every opportunity afforded him, Mmusi is building an impressive career in business and dedicated himself to community work in various ways.  We have welcomed him into the DA and through his own achievement and ability he has quickly established himself as a strong emerging leader. He is aware of the enormous challenge he faces as our mayoral candidate for Johannesburg and we have the fullest confidence in his intelligence and integrity. 

Mmusi is the kind of person one can get to know well in a short space of time because his personal convictions and ability shine through.  He has the leadership qualities, the vibrancy, the perseverance and the will to lead out team in the election, and then to lead Johannesburg out of its present morass, towards a better future.

Mmusi holds a masters degree in theology and is studying towards a second masters degree in public administration and speaks 7 South African languages fluently. Mmusi is married to Natalie and has one son, Kgalaletso.

Brandon Topham

Brandon too is a leader of the highest calibre and a man committed to the DA, its principles and values and its vision of an Open Opportunity Society for All. He currently serves as Chairperson of the DA's Gauteng North region, as well as the Caucus Leader of the DA caucus in the Tshwane Metro. So leadership is nothing new to Brandon.

He is an established campaigner with a proven track record. Brandon has a distinguished career outside politics. He is qualified as an accountant and a lawyer, with specialist knowledge and experience in forensic auditing. He has also had a career in business defined by achievement and success being involved, among other things, in the setting up of a major player in the local budget airline industry.

Brandon is married to Mari and they have three sons, Byron, Shane and Sheldon. He has lived in Pretoria his whole life, and has firsthand experience of the corruption, maladministration and failed service delivery that has come to define Tshwane. Although he is fairly new to politics, having been elected for the first time in 2006, he has quickly shown himself to be a strong leader. He knows what is wrong in Tshwane, and knows how to lead a team that will make our nation's capital great again.

Statement issued by DA leader, Helen Zille, March 15 2011

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