"Tokoloshe made me a sex slave!" - Daily Sun

"Rodrique: it sucks my 4-5 - then I need to be satisfied" - front page lead, February 4 2015

Daily Sun (February 4 2015) - RODRIQUE says the tokoloshe comes to his bed in the middle of the night to torment him.

Sometimes it's a lizard who scratches him, but mostly she's a short, beautiful woman who sucks his 4-5 . . . but there is no happy ending.


Rodrique Classen (31) said the last two years have been hell.

The tokoloshe leaves him so horny that he has to leave his bed in the middle of the night and go in search of magoshas.

"It is only after the third big magosha that I find enough peace to go home to rest," he said.

He said at first he enjoyed the woman but now he believes he has become a sex slave.

"Some months I have to pay as many as 50 magoshas to help me," he said.

With fear and exhaustion reflected in his eyes, he told Daily Sun: "But often the tokoloshe appears as a lizard. It scratches me all night, leaving me in pain and it won't let me sleep."

Rodrique, who lives with his parents at their house in Eldorado Park, near Joburg, said he told his family about his ordeal and they advised him to turn to prayer - but it doesn't help him.

"The tokoloshe comes back to torture me," he said. "I have nowhere to hide."

He also has no money, no job and no girlfriend. He is forever looking for money to pay for his sex habit.

"I really want a girlfriend but the tokoloshe won't allow it. The tokoloshe does something that makes the women think I am evil and they leave me," he said.

Rodrique is pleading for help. He hopes there is somebody in SunLand who can help him to get rid of the beautiful beast and the ugly lizard that is destroying his life.

Sangoma Dumezweni Mahabuke said the problem lies with his parents' house.

"The tokoloshe was created in the yard to destroy him and make sure he never gets into a stable relationship with a woman," said Dumezweni.

"He needs to be cleansed by being washed and the house must be cleansed through special ceremonies. That's the only way the tokoloshe will leave him alone," said the sangoma.

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