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Michael Morris writes on why avoiding hard talk is no safe-mode option in a free society
John Kane-Berman questions wisdom of DA leader's back-handed praise for Ramaphosa's ten-point plan
Anthea Jeffery says despite its basic unaffordability govt is pressing ahead with the scheme
John Kane-Berman says our economic performance is now as dismal as it was under PW Botha
John Kane-Berman writes on the mass deaths caused by communist regimes that some would prefer to forget
Theuns Eloff on the appointment merry-go-round and the many vacancies in the public service
Gwen Ngwenya says the defeat of the motion of no confidence can't be spun any other way
John Kane-Berman questions whether economic inequality leads to unrest and instability, or worse
John Kane-Berman notes that hundreds of millions of people have been able to work their way out of poverty
John Kane-Berman says Flemming Rose has now been heard in SA, thanks to the IRR
Hermann Giliomee reviews John Kane-Berman's book, "Between Two Fires: Holding the Liberal Centre in SA Politics"
John Kane-Berman says getting rid of Zuma a necessary but not sufficient condition for reversing SA's downward slide
Rian Malan writes on the extraordinary economic contribution these communities are making to SA
Rian Malan writes on the cycle of conquest and humiliation, and the process of coming to terms with the past
Frans Cronje says flashes of common sense bring out the contradictions in the party’s latest policy papers
John Kane-Berman on the new Preferential Procurement Regulations that will come into operation on April 1st