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Marie-Louise Antoni says Africa Check & Co. seem determined to downplay a horrific problem
Frans Cronje says BEE and the threat of EWC are standing in the way of investment, and growth
John Kane-Berman on the intolerant man in change of Gauteng's education
Terence Corrigan responds to Mahlatsi and Makhele on the land question
Terence Corrigan says in a fractured society such as ours we should be careful how we report and write
Michael Morris writes on why avoiding hard talk is no safe-mode option in a free society
John Kane-Berman questions wisdom of DA leader's back-handed praise for Ramaphosa's ten-point plan
Anthea Jeffery says despite its basic unaffordability govt is pressing ahead with the scheme
John Kane-Berman says our economic performance is now as dismal as it was under PW Botha
John Kane-Berman writes on the mass deaths caused by communist regimes that some would prefer to forget
Theuns Eloff on the appointment merry-go-round and the many vacancies in the public service
Gwen Ngwenya says the defeat of the motion of no confidence can't be spun any other way
John Kane-Berman questions whether economic inequality leads to unrest and instability, or worse
John Kane-Berman notes that hundreds of millions of people have been able to work their way out of poverty
John Kane-Berman says Flemming Rose has now been heard in SA, thanks to the IRR
Hermann Giliomee reviews John Kane-Berman's book, "Between Two Fires: Holding the Liberal Centre in SA Politics"
John Kane-Berman says getting rid of Zuma a necessary but not sufficient condition for reversing SA's downward slide