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An occasional feature celebrating the wit & wisdom of the colour-blinded and racially obsessed
James Myburgh says the party is not without responsibility for the unhinged nature of much of our current debate
Thomas Johnson writes on how a complaint he laid against the WCape govt never went anywhere
Douglas Gibson says that when a transition from ANC rule happens, one hopes for the sake of SA that it will be peaceful and gracious
Andrew Donaldson interviews the WCape Premier over her autobiography 'Not without a fight'
William Gild says Adam Habib is courageously trying to keep his university open, while Max Price has just folded
William Saunderson-Meyer says the EFF leader left his DA counterpart looking flat-footed and clumsy this week
RW Johnson says it is traditional leadership, not patronage, which is holding up ANC support in rural areas
Thomas Johnson responds to RW Johnson's article on the possibility the province could go independent
Xego Melikhaya writes on the horrific killings of Sinoxolo Mafevuka and Franziska Blochliger