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RW Johnson says both Ramaphosa and the DA need to grasp the gravity of our current situation
William Saunderson-Meyer says the economy remains in a bad way, and the President's position is precarious
Gareth van Onselen on the campaign by the then ANCYL leader against the NPA's case against the ANC President
NWest ANC chairperson says he is going nowhere and will clean up the party in the province
Jeremy Gordin says not even those who have known the President for years, know what he really believes
Flip Buys says that real value often lies in that which you cannot see (or physically grab)
Andrew Donaldson says all is peachy with the EFF leader right now, despite AfriForum's current efforts
Mugabe Ratshikuni says the Ramaphosa presidency has ushered in an age of opportunity for SA
Andrew Donaldson asks whether the ex-president's evident disgruntlement will soon find a political outlet