ANC Gauteng still not accepting Tshwane loss – John Moodey

DA says there is no basis to even consider administrative intervention in the City

ANC Gauteng still not accepting Tshwane loss

29 November 2016

Insinuations today, in the media, that the ANC Government in Gauteng could place DA-led Tshwane under administration smack of political desperation and of undermining the results of Election 2016.

The City of Tshwane is thriving under DA-led governance, and is making enormous progress to undo the damage of the previous ANC administration’s corruption and malfeasance.

While Mayor Solly Msimanga uncovers cases of R90 million building project corruption, exposes ANC crafted contracts that are fleecing the City of billions and lays criminal charges against ANC officials, it is no wonder that the ANC is deeply uncomfortable and defensive.

There is no basis to even consider an administrative intervention in Tshwane; the City has a hard-working and accomplished new government, which is stabilising its finances and is getting it out of several contractual and legal crises that the ANC administration got the City into.

The fact is that the ANC will not yet accept the loss of the City of Tshwane, through peaceful and democratic will of the people. The ANC lost Tshwane spectacularly in Election 2016, and its antics since then have shown it to be unethical and wounded in defeat.

Any attempts to invoke any administration in Tshwane will be strongly and legally opposed by the DA.

We have a mandate to deliver to the people of Tshwane, to reverse the rot of corruption, and to stabilise the City’s finances. We are doing, and will continue doing, just that

Issued by John Moodey, DA Gauteng Provincial Leader , 29 November 2016