ANC must die and 'resurrect like Jesus' - Makhosi Khoza

Former MP says country cannot rebuild itself under ANC rule

For the ANC to learn, it must first die and then 'resurrect like Jesus' - Makhosi Khoza

11 October 2017

Johannesburg – For the ANC to learn, it first has to die and then be resurrected like Jesus, said former MP Dr Makhosi Khoza on Tuesday night.

“Unfortunately the country cannot rebuild itself under the ANC rule. Of course, they will tell you that the ANC is going to self-correct, they say they are like the ocean,” said Khoza, who was delivering the 11th Annual Helen Joseph lecture at the University of Johannesburg.

Khoza said she had agreed with former President Kgalema Motlanthe who said in a recent interview with BBC News Africa, that the ANC needed to “hit rock bottom”  and lose the national elections “for the penny to drop” in the minds of ANC members.

Motlanthe was quoted as having said, "It would be good for the ANC itself if it was voted out, because...those elements who are in it for the largess will quit, will desert it, and only then the possibility would arise to salvage whatever is left of it."

Khoza said the organisation that Helen Joseph believed in “persecutes truth in the name of organisational discipline”.

She said, “President Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma and most of his ANC leadership may have political consciousness, without a doubt, I don’t think they have a moral conscience.”

She said on August 8, ANC MPs, herself included were told to divorce themselves from their moral conscience.

“These orders did not just come from President Zuma, but also from the ANC collective leadership.”

She said it was clearly the responsibility of the ANC as a brand to own up to these directives which placed the moral character of the organisation into disrepute and “more importantly, plunged the country into crisis”.

“Audit firm KPMG is suffering the consequences of their amoral, unprofessional and unethical conduct. The ANC must face the consequences of their actions.”

Simply put, said Khoza, “The ANC collective leadership officially and totally removed the sense of wrong and right in matters that pertain to the governance of the Republic.”

She said those members of Parliament who sought to be truthful and followed their moral conscience, were persecuted.

In response, South Africans should exercise their right by voting the ANC out of power.

“The ANC is not a religion.”

Khoza believed that the ANC was no longer the movement but something else.

She said the ANC, particularly in a democratic society, could be voted in, and voted out.

The country was going through the worst moral leadership crisis since the dawn of democracy, said Khoza.