Clarification on remarks made in relation to Israel - Mpho Phalatse

MMC says her remarks were an expression of her personal views and do not represent views of City or the DA

Clarification on remarks made in relation to Israel

11 June 2018

I have noted a number of statements about remarks I made over the weekend in relation to Israel.

I wish to stress that I expressed the DA's belief in freedom, fairness, opportunity for all, and diversity which is important to embrace in a complex city such as Johannesburg.

The Department of Social Development is currently doing work with organizations from all backgrounds and will continue to foster social cohesion at a local level.

The migration unit in Social Development initiates engagements with different countries through the Diplomatic Corps, to help build social cohesion in the city, which attracts over 3000 migrants a month from various countries around the world. Migration is a complex issue in Johannesburg and has necessitated this type of approach which accommodates all people and seeks to foster peace and social cohesion.

I wish to stress that the remarks where an expression of my personal views and I recognise that they do not represent the views of the City of Johannesburg or the Democratic Alliance, which I serve.

It is the DA’s official position that we support a two state solution, with a secure Palestine and Israel living alongside each other in peace and prosperity. This is a position I fully support.

I sincerely regret and am sorry for any confusion my remarks have caused. I stand with the party in condemning all kinds of violence in the Middle East. I also regret that my remarks have been incorrectly taken to be setting international relations policy in the City of Johannesburg.

I remain committed to bringing change to the residents of our City and as a medical doctor, I remain dedicated to improving access to quality healthcare and social benefits to our poorest residents.

Issued by Mpho Phalatse, MMC for Health & Social Development, 11 June 2018