Epidemic of racism in DA ranks - ANC

Office of Chief Whip asks why party is silent on Stanford Slabbert and Theuns Botha's remarks


18 June 2013

The Office of the ANC Chief notes that the DA has quietly suspended its racist Eastern Cape councillor who hurled a barrage of racist invectives in an email. The DA councillor, Stanford Slabbert, made racially disparaging remarks about President Jacob Zuma, alleged that the ANC produced "dumb idiots who wait for handouts", and that South Africans "spread the (HIV-Aids) disease more than anyone else in the world".

Over the weekend the DA, as usual, flooded the media with torrent of press releases on variety of issues ranging from its performance in the Western Cape to its disapproval of the proposal for the establishment of the Office of the Land Valuer-General (which will assist in expediting land redistribution).

Ironically, DA leaders also gave a plethora of speeches all over the country to commemorate the 1976 youth who fought against the racist education system. However, it has not issued even a single statement condemning Slabbert for his racially offensive remarks.

But this should not be a surprise, as the party did not condemn another racist insult made recently by its MEC in the Western Cape, Theuns Botha. Botha had referred to ANC member of the provincial legislature, Zodwa Magwaza, as "'n bobbejaan" (baboon).

Revelations pertaining to Slabbert's racist email and the DA's business as usual attitude towards incidences of racism in the party were highlighted in the speech by ANC MP Buti Manamela last week, which we believe pressurised the party into acting against the racist councilor.

We demand that action also be taken against MEC Theuns Botha for referring to an African woman as a baboon. Botha cannot continue to serve the people of the Western Cape, the majority of whom are Black, while he harbors such disturbing views about them. We call on the DA remove Botha from his position with immediate effect.

The DA's scant regard to racism epidemic within its ranks reveals its lack of commitment to non-racialism and equality.

Statement issued by the Office of the ANC Chief Whip, June 18 2013


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