Julius Malema: The antithesis of a true revolutionary

Justice Piitso says pseudo-anarchists of the EFF lack the moral ground to lead working class struggles

Declarations by the Economic Freedom Fighters are not a measure enough to be the political leader of the working class.

The pseudo anarchists of the Economic Freedom Fighters do not posses the necessary high moral ground to lead the struggles of the working class. Historical materialism teaches us that the interests of lumpen proletarians are always far much parallel from those of the revolutionary struggles of the working class.

Vladimir Lenin says that no force on earth is capable of taking from us the principal gains of our revolution, for they are no more ours but have become the gains of world history. The indispensable role of the party, as the vanguard and the political leader of the working class, cannot be substituted by the vigilantism of the economic freedom fighters.

Communists have no interests separate and apart from those of the proletariat as a whole. They do not set up any sectarian principles of their own by which to shape and mould the proletarian movement.

The main political task of our party is to lead the world revolutionary transition from capitalism to socialism. Our supreme goal under the political leadership of our vanguard party is to achieve the highest form of human society which is communism.

This most important political mission of the working class can only be carried forward by the most advanced elements in society. A detachment of the most tried and tested students schooled in the scientific revolutionary marxist leninist theory.

Our scientific revolutionary Marxist Leninist theory is the weapon to make us judge and define the methods of struggles correctly. It is a weapon that helps us analyse and understand correctly the cause of development of human society at every moment, to analyse and understand correctly every turning point of society and to carry out the revolutionary transformation of society.

It is therefore absurd to assume that the pseudo anarchists of the economic freedom fighters can lead the South African working class into our future of socialism. The economic freedom fighters is not guided by the scientific revolutionary marxists Leninist theory.

Declarations about the appropriation of land without compensation, nationalisation of our mines and even our democratic government taking control of all the commanding heights of our economy are not enough a measure to make us revolutionaries. The declarations of revolutionary sounding phrases are not enough to assume the political leadership role of the vanguard of the working class.

The character and posture of any revolution is derived from our analyses of the concrete material conditions of a particular historical period. The character of any revolution is determined by objective realities and not by the wishes of individuals.

Our people must be able to distinguish the truth from falsehood. The posture of the EFF appearing more revolutionary than the revolution itself, is nothing else but the work of the foot soldiers of the forces of imperialism and neo colonialism.

I am convinced that upon the declaration of the victory of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Mr Julius Malema, will be the first to agitate a revolt against the socialist state we seek to build. He is a complete antithesis of what a true revolutionary leader of the struggles of the working class seeks to represent.

It is against this background that we take political education as a nucleus of our ideological and political forms of our revolutionary struggles. Without a revolutionary theory there cannot be a revolutionary movement.

The working class is the most resolute, disciplined and organised class in the struggles of the people. When mobilised and infused with far-sighted, revolutionary class consciousness and struggle it is the only class that has the capacity and power to liberate itself and the people from oppression and exploitation.

The past century of the history of the struggles of our people has distinguished the SACP as the political leader of the South African working class movement. Our vanguard party of the working class has laid a great foundations for our the liberation of the people from the shackles of oppression and exploitation.

The SACP has a long history of rich traditions and unbroken record of heroic struggles with our revolutionary movement in our country, the continent and the whole world. Our party has always occupied the forefront trenches in the cause of our struggles against imperialism and colonialism of a special type.

The communist party has always understood the dialectical relationship between the class content of our national struggles and the national content of our class struggles. We have always understood the theoretical thrust that our national democratic revolution is about the construction of a non racial, non sexist, democratic and prosperous society.

Phatse Justice Piitso is the former Ambassador to the republic of Cuba and the former provincial secretary of the SACP writing this article on his personal capacity.

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