Mining Charter: RET won't be delivered on silver platter - ANCWL

League says it will rally behind DMR against anti-transformation groupings, such as the Chamber of Mines


18 June 2017

The African National Congress Women's Leagues (ANCWL) welcomes the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) revised mining charter. 

The revised mining charter remains an important initiative for the transformation of the mining sector, and the change in the ownership and management structures of the mining companies in the country. It aims to radically transform the mining sector which has been benefiting white monopolies and being haven of exploitation for the poor and the working class.

The ANCWL has noted without surprise the remarks by the Chamber of Mines regarding the revised mining charter. The Chamber of Mines as defenders of white monopolies in mining have indicated their decision to interdict the Minister from gazetting of the charter. The ANCWL views this attempts as nothing else but strides to ensure that the mining sector remains untransformed and the poor and the working class remain excluded from fully benefiting from the mineral resources of their country. 

Radical economic transformation will not be delivered in a silver platter and anyone who is being attacked for championing radical economic transformation must be unashamedly be defended. The masses of our people, in particular those in mining communities must stand up against the Chamber of Mines and anyone who seeks to deprive mining communities rights of being shareholders and direct beneficiaries from mines that are looting minerals resources from communities. 

The ANCWL will mobilise all its supporters and members to rally behind the DMR against the anti-transformation groupings which promote white supremacy in the ownership, management and procurement activities in the mining sector. 

The ANCWL unreservedly supports the revised mining charter and calls for the Minister to speedily gazette the charter.

Statement issued by Meokgo Matuba, ANCWL Secretary General, 18 June 2017