Nothing for editors to worry about - Tito Mboweni

SANEF says threatening editors with war is unacceptable and very dangerous

'There is really nothing to worry about'- Mboweni on his recent social media posts threatening war against editors

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni says there is "really nothing to worry about" regarding his recent social media posts threatening war against editors.

"We have been in conversations with the SA National Editors' Forum. We have agreed to meet soon to discuss any issues that may have arisen from my communication. There is really nothing to worry about," Mboweni told News24 on Saturday.

Mboweni was responding to a statement issued by the South African National Editors’ Forum (Sanef), saying it was deeply disturbed by his social media posts.

On Thursady Mboweni took to twitter and without any context said  “Wars start in different ways. Spears and shields, gun powder, bullets and now through media: printed and electronic (eg trade wars by a super president), and then Social media!! Well, the SA Editors must be Editors!! If needs be, we will be forced into the fight, War! (sic)”

Mboweni went on to tweet that he is a “product of the warrior commanders of the mighty Zulu army” and states that, “there will be collateral damage”.

Sanef said the comments by the minister were unacceptable.

“Mboweni as a cabinet member is a custodian of our Constitution and has taken an oath of office to protect and uphold the Constitution that guarantees media freedom,” the editor's forum said in a statement.

It said Mboweni had every right to engage with the different media houses if he felt aggrieved by what they have written or approach regulatory bodies such as BCCSA and Press Council.

“However, threatening editors with war is unacceptable and very dangerous whatever the circumstances,” it said.

Sanef said it was hoping to meet Mboweni to discuss the unfortunate tweets.

However, the minister has maintained that there was no threat behind his tweets.


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