Public funds should be put to better use – John Moodey

DA says country faces tremendous financial strain and ministers should strive to contain costs

Public funds should be put to better use

29 November 2016

Madam Speaker,

All of us are aware of the dire financial circumstances millions of our people find themselves in. Millions go to bed each night on empty stomachs and do not know when they will be having had a meal.

The country as a whole faces tremendous financial strain, thus it is important for us in this House to strive to comply with the announcement by Finance Minister Gordhan, to contain costs. I am sure that millions of Rand is spent on Portfolio meetings held in venues outside of the Legislature. Many more millions is spent on accommodating members and staff at expensive hotels or conferencing venues, and then of course many millions more is spent on hosting the SOPA outside of the Legislature.

One could argue that the Legislature is mandated to “take government to the People”, however I would argue, that taking decent services to the people, is a better option. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to conclude that the accumulative costs runs into many millions of Rand. Money that could be better used to improve the plight of our people.

I would suggest that our people would better appreciate it if the money saved be donated to pay for example the fees of deserving students at institutions of higher learning. That would be money best spent, for then we would be investing in the future of our beloved country.

Issued by John Moodey, DA Gauteng Provincial Leader, 29 November 2016