SANRAL won't take action against OUTA members – John Moodey

DA urges those who are against e-toll to join organisation to avoid legal prosecution

DA calls on the public to join OUTA’s e-toll defence umbrella

8 September 2016

The DA calls on each and every Gauteng resident who refuses to pay e-tolls to join the defence umbrella of the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA).

This comes after SANRAL agreed to stay all legal claims against members of the public who either already are, or will in future become OUTA members. SANRAL will, however, continue with legal action against e-toll defaulters who are not members of OUTA. 

The agreed stay is granted until the test case process, which started in June 2016, is completed – which may take up to two years. The test case revolves around OUTA’s aim to show that e-tolls are unlawful and should be scrapped. 

OUTA’s defence umbrella aims to defend every case of e-toll prosecution of the organisation’s members, and to support businesses and members of the public who are afraid of individual prosecution for their resistance against e-tolls. 

The DA is confident that OUTA has sufficient evidence and ability to successfully defend an e-toll non-compliance case.

To join the defence umbrella, as I have done, people simply need to become contributing members of OUTA through either monthly or annual membership contributions for businesses or individuals, no matter the amount they can afford. 

It is our intention to fight for residents during consultation on existing tolling tariffs to prevent increases, and will ensure our metro police officials will not do harass motorists over their e-toll account status. 

The DA will continue to fight the unjust imposition of e-tolls on Gauteng’s motorists, and we will not stopped until every last gantry is switched off. 

Issued by John Moodey, DA Gauteng Provincial Leader, 8 September 2016