Six killed in Lonmin violence - NUM

Union calls for the deployment of special task team or the SANDF

NUM calls for a Special Task Force in the mines

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) condemns in the strongest possible words the continuous killings of innocent poor mineworkers in Rustenburg. The NUM is alarmed that the situation in the platinum mines and its escalating violence has been allowed to continue unabated by the law enforcement agencies in that area in North West Province.

Six people which includes two members of the South African Police Services, two miners and two members of the mine security team have died in the senseless violence ravaging Lonmin. One of the two workers was stabbed whilst inside the mine premises last night whilst the other was shot five times this morning. The two members of the mine security were shot at whilst one of their cars was burnt down.

"We call for the deployment of a special task force or the SANDF to deal decisively with the criminal elements in Rustenburg and its surrounding mines" says Frans Baleni, the NUM General Secretary.

Meanwhile, some police officers have reportedly been disarmed of their service rifles and a huge group of these criminals has been seen gathering at the mountain top near Karee mine for a possible attack tonight.

"We appeal for the deployment of the Special Task Force as a matter of urgency before things run out of hand. For months on end we have argued that the situation in Rustenburg requires special intervention and we seeing no difference" says Baleni.

The NUM maintains that there has not been any clashes between its members and members of a rival union. "Our members have been attacked and that cannot be said to be clashes or rivalry, it is pure criminality" says Baleni. Meanwhile, there has not been any work at Karee mine today.

Statement issued by Frans Baleni, NUM General Secretary, August 13 2012

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