The struggle continues - Mcebo Dlamini

Former Wits SRC president says students must keep on fighting for free education

The struggle continues - Mcebo Dlamini

18 October 2016

Johannesburg - Students must continue to fight for free education, former Wits University SRC president and Fees Must Fall leader Mcebo Dlamini said while seated in the court dock awaiting his bail hearing on Tuesday.

Dlamini said he was happy that he had been arrested, and not other student protesters.

"I am happy it was me who went in than students. As a leader, you have to lead by example."

He urged students to continue with protests for free education in their lifetime, saying this was a "genuine call".

Dlamini said his arrest would not deter him from leading the Fees Must Fall movement.

He blamed the police for his arrest, saying it was part of its agenda to censor students.

"We are not condoning violence. I am not guilty. There is no amount of police brutality or other methods they may use to try and censor us or delegitimatise us to probably try to attack the dignity and our integrity, students must continue with the fight... The struggle continues."

Dlamini seemed calm while seated in the dock, even smiling at journalists.

He was dressed in a navy Puma hoodie with a black and white keffiyeh around his neck.

He faces charges of public violence, theft, malicious damage to property and assault.

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