Use of violence against protesters in parts of DRC deplorable – DA

Party says stakeholders must work together to ensure human rights are upheld and a peaceful resolution is found

The DA condemns the recent use of violence against protesters in the capital of Kinshasa and other parts of the DRC. 

21 September 2016

This week’s wave of anti-Kabila protests have seen the headquarters of several opposition parties torched and the loss of at least 50 lives in clashes between security forces and civilians reported. 

These clashes, as well as the delays in codifying an election date, undermine the 2002 Sun City Agreement, which sets out a framework for a multi-party, unified and democratic DRC.  

All stakeholders, including political parties, the African Union, the United Nations and the Southern African Development Community, which President Jacob Zuma is the Chairperson of, must work to ensure that human rights are upheld and that a peaceful resolution is found in order for the democratic will of the people to prevail.

The project of building a prosperous and united Africa begins with ensuring that democratic processes are respected and upheld. 

Issued by Stevens Mokgalapa, DA Shadow Minister of International Relationship and Cooperation, 21 September 2016