Zille has taken Mmusi’s ‘kortbroek’ down - ANC WCape

Party says WCape Premier's defense of her tweets has undermined DA leader and placed him in a predicament

Zille has taken Mmusi’s ‘kort broek’ down - ANC Western Cape

8 June 2017

Cape Town - The African National Congress in the Western Cape says Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane must join them because former leader Helen Zille has "taken his kort broek down".

The provincial opposition was scathing of Zille following her suspension from party activities by the DA on Wednesday for tweets she posted in March about colonialism.

Zille's defence of her tweets has undermined Maimane, and placed him in a predicament, ANC Western cape secretary general Faiez Jacobs said.

"The DA does not have alternatives for our country and its people, unless you are white, or even better a white male," he said on Wednesday.

"The DA is about conserving the status quo. Institutionalised corruption is simply accepted as the system we operate by. This does not mean ANC cadres stealing, looting, abusing, wasting and being caricatures of tin pot dictators is acceptable.

"But the way in which Helen Zille has taken Mmusi Maimane down, or rather, taken his 'kort broek' down, shows clearly that the future lies not with a sad, post-colonial, post-apartheid, failed liberal party."

'Snake oil salesmen'

Jacobs claimed the way in which the party has handled Zille's suspension has exposed "contortions" and "contradictions" within the party.

"The DA claim equal opportunity, meritocracy, fit for purpose, promoting individual black 'leaders', but the truth is that these black (coloured and African) leaders 'moet hulle plek ken as die Wit Baase praat' [must know their place when the white bosses talk].

"As much as the DA portray themselves as an alternative to the ruling party, these contradictions expose them for what they are: Snake oil salesmen with nothing to offer but fake remedies."

They were not surprised by Zille's tweets, but that she was insensitive enough to post them on Twitter.

"We are accustomed to racist South Africans talking quietly in bars and around their dinner tables about how they think blacks can't rule and are monkeys or worse, but when, as with Penny Sparrow, they blurt this out on social media, it jars.

"When Helen Zille had the temerity to extol the virtues of colonialism, we were not shocked that she thinks such.

"We were taken aback that she would have the arrogance, the insensitivity and the stupidity to say so on Twitter."

They criticised the party for how it has handled the disciplinary process of former DA youth leader Mbali Ntuli, who had liked a tweet criticising Zille following the fallout.

It was embarrassing that Zille treated her "leader" with such contempt, he said.

"We call on all black people, including Mmusi Maimane, to join the ANC, renew and restore itself, make its stronger, make it more democratic, make it more radical, make it the force for change it is designed to be."