The days of white males are numbered?

Chelsea Lotz asks why other opposition leaders are not holding EFF President Julius Malema to account for his racist rhetoric

Malema Needs To Stop Instigating Political and Racial Violence

Over the past few days Julius Malema and the EFF have been clearly instigating political violence as well as threatening the white minority. I would like to know why the leaders of the opposition are not holding Malema accountable for his deeply racist dialogue and dangerous calls of violence to his supporters, which endangers our Constitution. Malema has taken it upon himself to blame the ANC for Xenophobia (which is inaccurate), by saying “People of KwaZulu-Natal voted for ANC in KZN; then, if things go wrong, they must take their anger out on ANC and not on foreign nationals”. Such calls to violence should not be tolerated, and I fear that the EFF have the capacity to start a civil war if we do not stand against such destructive dialogue from “so called” EFF leaders.

On the 28th April, Mcebo Dlamini made a comment at Wits University about his admiration of Adolf Hitler, stating "He started killing people when he was already in power”. Dlamini also stated, “In every white person there is an element of Hitler” sending a contradictory and false message to EFF followers which could constitute as hate speech. The EFF endorsed his comment on the news the following night, saying they stand in support of what Dlamini said. During a time in which our country is recovering from Xenophobic violence, we should not accept any dialogue that marginalises any particular racial or religious group, as it goes against the spirit of reconciliation that Mandela fought so hard for. It is not justifiable in any way or measure to spur violence towards any group of minority, be it Xhosa, Jew, Coloured, White or Foreign.

Malema has been pulling wool over the eyes of the white minority, making them believe that he is in their favor, charming the masses with sweet songs of "Kiss the Boer". Such lullabies are a direct contradiction to his dialogue, and I urge the minority groups to not be deceived. Recent comments from Malema exposes his deeply racist disposition, and proves that white people and other minority groups should not be supporting him.

Since 1994, the ANC has protected the white constituency as much as the black and coloured constituency. The ANC remains solidly on the foundation that all people are equal. Despite the crimes perpetrated by European ancestors during the time of apartheid, the ANC did not take revenge on the white constituency; instead Mandela promised a resolution of peace and equality, a legacy that Zuma has continued.

Malema exposed himself when he made the comment to white land owners, at the ‘EFF Freedom Day Rally’, saying “South Africa is in the hands of white males, their days are numbered" and then invited white land owners to “join the EFF” if they want “equal land ownership". Is that a threat? Malema is obviously threatening white people with dialogue that says ‘join us or your days are numbered’. In all respect should anyone, irrespective of race, join a political party through being victim to threats and bullying?

The mere fact that EFF supporters turn up to rallies with plac cards reading “They killed us, now we must kill them” displays the severely racist and violent undertones of the EFF. I urge all minority groups to seriously re-consider any support they may have of the EFF. The ANC always has and always will protect the rainbow nation of South Africa. Do not hand over our freedom to those with mischievious and dangerous intentions, such as the EFF, who would gladly stage a sudden coup d’état.