AfriForum Youth offer to send NYDA exec on financial literacy course

Charl Oberholzer says Agency bosses would be able to hone basic management skills

AfriForum Youth makes offer to send NYDA executive on a financial refresher course

AfriForum Youth today extended an official invitation to the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) indicating its willingness to sponsor a course which would give the NYDA executive the opportunity to hone their skills with regard to income and expenditure, basic financial management, correct tender procedures and cost savings, among others.

This friendly invitation follows after it was recently reported that NYDA had spent close to R1 million on berets for this year's Youth Day celebrations.

‘AfriForum Youth already reported NYDA to the Auditor-General (AGSA) and the Public Protector (PP), and addressed correspondence to Collins Chabane, Minister of the Presidency in person. For this reason, it now has no alternative other than trying as an organisation to prevent further wastage of tax payers' money,' Charl Oberholzer, AfriForum Youth's national chairman, said.

If NYDA would be prepared to accept the invitation, AfriForum Youth would bear the cost of booking a financial refresher course for the executive which is to be presented within 30 days at a venue that would be most accessible to them.

Moreover, AfriForum Youth indicated that this gesture is a community development initiative as the future of thousands of young people is in the hands of an incompetent government institution, and AfriForum Youth subscribes to the importance of training, especially that of government officials.

Statement issued by Charl Oberholzer, National Chairman, AfriForum Youth, October 24 2012

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