ANC condemns disruption of Zuma lecture

Party thanks guests for not having been intimidated by these senseless thugs


The African National Congress deplores and strongly condemns the unbecoming conduct of criminal elements today who masqueraded as ANC members and sought to disrupt the Centenary lecture on the late President General Makgatho, addressed by President Jacob Zuma this afternoon at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town (see report).

The ANC finds the conduct of these elements to be outside of the normal behavior of people who have joined the ANC in the interest of serving our people. It is regrettable that an innocent journalist from SABC was injured during the scuffle that ensued when the disruptive elements were ejected from the lecture.

These elements were disappointed as they did not achieve their objective of disrupting a well organized event that was attended by diplomats, traditional leaders, religious leaders, Members of Parliament from many parties including the opposition parties and as well as prominent individuals. The ANC will investigate the matter and ensure that any of its members found responsible for this conduct will face the disciplinary measures of the ANC.

We call on the police to take action against those who acted in a criminal manner that endangered the lives of the people attending the lecture. We would like to thank our guests whose numbers (over 3000) were beyond our target for not having been intimidated by these senseless thugs.

We want to reiterate the words of President Zuma of apologizing to all South Africans who participated in the lecture at the Good Hope Centre and those who participated through the live broadcasts of the lecture. We want to assure all South Africans that the ugly incident that took place today will never repeat itself in any ANC Centenary celebrations and lectures.

Statement issued by Jackson Mthembu, ANC National Spokesperson, February 23 2012

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