SACP's attempt to hijack provincial govt disgusting - ANCWL Limpopo

League says yellow opportunists masquerading as communists want to capture the ANC


The ANCWL in Limpopo notes with disgust the opportunistic statement by the dubiously appointed Interim Leadership of the South African Communist Party (SACP) calling for the resignation of our ANC provincial government leadership.

As the ANCWL, we are not surprised at the unelected Limpopo SACP's leadership recent opportunistic stunts and attempts to cast aspersion on the ability of the African National Congress'continued successful leadership of our provincial government.

The ANC Limpopo government is one of the best performing provincial governments in the country, to mention just a few achievements. Limpopo is the best in housing service delivery, and Lebowakgomo hospital is still the best public health-care facility in the country. Many of our rural communities have tarred roads and electricity. Moreover, numerous provincial government departments have attained clean audits.

These opportunists ignore these facts because they have a dubious political agenda informed by their own business interests. Many of them are businessmen and women by-night, and communists by day. They count profits and dividends at night, and fool the poor during the day in the name of communism and fighting corruption.

Their dissatisfaction does not lie in the fact that they are fighting corruption; some of them own expensive private schools, yet they claim to be against privatisation. These schools are not only inaccessible, but they also reproduce class inequalities, yet these opportunists called themselves champions of the poor. Some of them are not happy because our government has terminated and blacklisted their companies for poor performance. They are not happy because our provincial government has reduced subsidies for their private schools.

These renewed attacks on the ANC leadership in government are informed by the fact there is an ANC provincial congress in December 2011. They know very well that they do not enjoy popular support amongst the ranks and file of the poor in society and within the ANC, they are now embarking on desperate attempts to divert the ANC from focusing on building strong branches and politically conscious members who can see through their opportunism.

These yellow opportunists masquerading as communists just want to capture the ANC in order to get access to the state for their own narrow economic interests. They shall NOT succeed. The ANC is not up for hi-jack by opportunists.

Instead of calling for the ANC provincial government leadership to step-down, they must first resign their positions as company directors and owners of private schools milking the poor in the countryside.

As the ANCWL we will defend the ANC against all forms of opportunism. Chris Hani and many other real communists must be turning in their graves given the level of hypocrisy and opportunism displayed by the unelected Interim Provincial SACP leadership in Limpopo. Shame on you!

Statement issued by ANC Women's League (ANCWL) Limpopo, September 13 2011

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