WCape lurching from crises to chaos - Lynne Brown

ANC leader says rather than traipsing off to Nkandla Helen Zille should've been paying attention to issues closer to home (Nov 8)

WCape lurching from crises to chaos - Lynne BrownMember statement by Lynne Brown MPP, leader of the ANC opposition, to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, November 8 2012:

Hangberg, Kapteinsklip, Makhaza, Hawston, De Doorns and too many places are covered in smoke and blood as the Western Cape lurches from crises to chaos!

Poor schools are closed down; too many people are mowed down, evicted, abused, robbed and raped. This province has the highest number of violent protests in the country!

The DA government does not respond to the cries of our people. Their stock responses to protests, cries for help from the poor, have been met with spin and blaming others.

But where in the world is the Western Cape premier? Like a modern day Marco Polo, she takes reporters on many disingenuously guised excursions.

She pops up for the next media circus with more reporters than supporters.

Failed attention-seeking stunts like the battle of Braamfontein are veiled by deception, tweets and spin!

The premier is like a self-appointed inspector whose only task seems to have priority issues in other provinces and an obsession with the president.

She and her party opportunistically call for investigations, but then stoop to cheap political point scoring to attack our democracy; usurp, pre-empt and undermine the very same Constitutional watchdog probes.

This province experiences her absence during disturbances and routine awfulness.

Where was the premier when things got ugly last Sunday in Hawston? She diverted attention hundreds of kilometres from her province!

Shame on the DA for poor leadership! Shame on the deeply uncaring DA! Shame on the premier!

Issued by the ANC Western Cape, November 8 2012

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