Work at Marikana operations resumed today - Lonmin

Company says almost a third of 28 000 strong workforce reported for morning shifts today

Resumption of Operations at Lonmin

Marikana, 20 August 2012: Lonmin can confirm that work at its Marikana operations resumed today as significant numbers of employees returned to work.

Lonmin had issued ultimatum affecting 3,000 rock drill operators and assistant rock drill operators, who have been illegally on strike since August 10th, to return to work today or face potential disciplinary action

Almost one third of the 28 000-strong workforce reported for their morning shifts on Monday (20th August). After consultations with various labour representatives today, the Company can also announce that those illegal strikers who did not return to work this morning will not be dismissed and have been allowed an extra day in light of current circumstances. Lonmin agrees with all stakeholders involved that this is the right thing to do as all parties work together to help restore stability to both the mines and the region in the light of the tragic events of last week.

The vast majority of the workforce have not been on strike but have been unable to work since the violence which surrounded the recent illegal strike at the mines began.

Unions and mine management are acting in unison to encourage more employees to follow. The company will hold a joint media conference later today with the unions, all of whom wish to see their members return to work.

Mark Munroe, Lonmin's Executive Vice President for Mining, will appear today with union leaders to jointly appeal for the calm of recent days to be maintained and encourage a wider return to work.

Mr Munroe said: "What has happened here has been a tragedy, and the pain and anger it has led to will take time to heal. But those representing the vast majority of our workforce have been clear again in our discussions today that we need to try to return to some kind of normality as we go through that healing process.

"Tens of thousands of people's livelihoods rely on Lonmin, as well as much of the local infrastructure we provide in terms of health, water, education and housing.

"I have also been over-seeing the roll-out of support networks for all of our colleagues and their families who have been affected by the violence. We have visited many of the injured in hospital, and met the families of the deceased. Nothing makes up for their loss but we are providing all the support we can, both emotionally and practically, to help them cope, and I'm proud of the work our teams are doing there."

The Company will continue its constant dialogue with all stakeholders involved, he added. "We need to continue to work together in this, and we are committed to doing that."

Statement issued by Lonmin Plc, August 20 2012

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