DA's house of cards is tumbling in – ANC W Cape

Party says divisions within the opposition party are not going to heal anytime soon

The DA house of cards is tumbling in

9 October 2017

The DA Western Cape is now split down the middle and it is clear from this past weekend’s neck to neck leadership elections the divisions in the DA is not going to heal anytime soon. Instead, the implosion of the DA house of cards continues with the various factional lines deepening divisions.

The vote rigging to keep human settlements MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela and premier Helen Zille in their positions rocked the DA this weekend and the dispute against the fishy figures declared by MPL Lennit Max, who lost by sixteen votes out of a thousand cast, shows that a mere nine delegates could have swung it in his favour. Now the DA and its processes stand accused by its party’s own for conniving with ghost voters, racist suspicions and the reopening of old wounds between Afrikaans and British speakers reminiscent of the Anglo Boer War.

The ANC Western Cape secretary Faiez Jacobs says: “If Max had won, both the One&Only cake man and party animal Madikizela and his boss Zille would have had to find a new job today. Zille is still haunted by her refugee and other utterances. Madikizela fought to shield Zille when she praised certain aspects of colonialism and in return Zille protected him from facing the consequences of his big birthday bash in a Cape posh hotel he failed to declare as is required by law.

“Besides Zille’s favourite Madikizela, others like deputy leader Bertie Fritz and even Cape Town’s sheriff JP Smith – all in Zille’s boy team – were voted into posts. Zille and her team outsmarted her opponents in the DA. The angry white liberals / old Progs (Progressive Federal Party, a predecessor of the DA) still firmly hold the DA reigns. No woman was elected into the top positions and only one woman is in the full provincial management. Further to that, the coloured aspirations in the DA were again snubbed. This is so typical of the DA management model Zille advanced in the Cape. The ANC will be keeping a close eye on the DA as it continues to neglect Cape residents and destroy itself.”

Issued by Faiez Jacobs, ANC provincial secretary, Western Cape, 9 October 2017