Deadline for comment on Commissioner for Children extended – Office of WCape Premier

Premier says commissioner will assist govt in protecting interests of children in the province

Deadline for comment on Bill for Appointment of Commissioner for Children extended

18 October 2017

The deadline for comment on the Bill for the appointment of a Commissioner for Children has been extended to 17 November 2017. This follows requests by members of the public for additional time to make their representations. The previous deadline was 31 October 2017.

Provision is made for the appointment of a Commissioner for Children under section 78(1) of the Constitution of the Western Cape. The Commissioner is constitutionally mandated to assist the government in protecting the interests of children in the province in a range of areas including welfare services, education and health services, among others.

Members of the public can access the Bill here, and are encouraged to make their submissions to Ammaarah Kamish at Ammaarah.Kamish@westerncape.gov.za. People are also welcome to hand-deliver their submissions at: Ground floor, 4 Dorp Street, Cape Town, in the box made available for this purpose. Comments must be submitted before the new closing date – 17 November 2017.

Issued by Michael Mpofu, Spokesperson for Premier Helen Zille, 18 October 2017