Eskom is now acknowledging wrongdoing - Natasha Mazzone

DA MP notes SOE's plans to recover more than R1,5bn unlawfully paid to McKinsey and Trillian

Eskom's attempt to recover R1.5bn from McKinsey and Trillian is evidence there was wrongdoing

The DA notes Eskom’s plans to recover the more than R1.5 billion it had unlawfully paid to McKinsey and Trillian.

Eskom’s decision to recover these monies is evidence that there was in fact wrongdoing and that these payments were not above board.

After months of defending these payments, the power utility now wants to recover the money.

Had the DA not caught Eskom out in the lie by submitting a Parliamentary question to the Public Enterprises Minister, Lynne Brown, regarding the relationship between Eskom, McKinsey and Trillian, Eskom would have never come clean.

Even more absurd is the fact that power utility investigated these payments itself. The public no longer has faith in Eskom and it is absolute madness that Eskom thinks the public would simply accept this investigation as truly transparent.

The real proof of the true nature of the more than R1.5 billion payments is in the PWC and Denton Reports. Once these reports are made public, we will finally know who at McKinsey gave the go ahead and who at Eskom was "bought" by McKinsey and Trillian.

Simply paying back the money won’t cut it. Those responsible for these unlawful payments must be held accountable.

Statement issued by Natasha Mazzone MP, DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises, 7 October 2017