Gauteng ANC harbours criminals and corrupt members – DA

Alan Fuchs says councillors in Mogale City have criminal records for crimes ranging from rape to culpable homicide

Gauteng ANC harbours criminals and corrupt members

21 November 2017

During question time in the Gauteng Legislature, the ANC in Gauteng side-stepped the opportunity to provide evidence to support their publicly-stated claims that they are tough on criminality and corruption amongst their members.

When questioned whether the party was aware that many ANC councillors in Mogale City have criminal records for crimes including rape, assault, shoplifting, culpable homicide and soliciting for the purposes of prostitution, MEC for Infrastructure Development, Jacob Mamabolo answering on behalf of COGTA MEC, Paul Mashatile obfuscated by saying the question was being asked in the wrong forum.

In addition, he was asked whether any probity checks are done prior to elections to ensure that public representatives have clean records.

Again, the MEC squirmed his way out of a straightforward response.

The ANC in Gauteng has been publicising a narrative that they are somehow different from the ANC at a national level. The Premier has indicated that it is not the organisation that is corrupt but that a few bad apples sully the reputation of the ANC.

It was pointed out however that the criminal records of the ANC councillors, together with allegations that the ANC attempted to bribe opposition councillors after the election in 2016 and again when the 6 EFF councillors were expelled for supporting an ANC budget, makes it reasonable for citizens of Gauteng to suggest that the ANC as an organisation is rotten to the core.

One wonders why the ANC expects the residents of Mogale City and Gauteng to look up to public representatives of questionable moral standing.

It appears that in the ANC these matters are swept under the carpet and condoned.

Issued by Alan FuchsDA Constituency Head: Mogale City, 21 November 2017