Group of 70 break into Campus Protection Services - UCT

Those identified will be charged with malicious damage to property, housebreaking, and intimidation

UCT opens case against unlawful action

13 October 2016

The University of Cape Town has laid a charge with the SA Police Service (SAPS) after a group of about 70 protesters allegedly broke through the door into the offices of the Campus Protection Services (CPS) on 12 October 2016. They are alleged to have intimidated staff members forcing them to vacate their workspaces.

One member of the group, who could be identified and appeared to be the leader of the group and was making demands on their behalf, was arrested by SAPS. UCT is attempting to identify other individuals that were part of this group, who may have committed unlawful actions, so that action can also be taken against them.

The charges include malicious damage to property, housebreaking, and intimidation. This was the second consecutive day when a group of protesters, under the leadership of the same person, entered UCT offices to remove workers from their jobs.

UCT laid this charge because it cannot allow unlawful action that is targeted against staff members and has a responsibility to ensure that their rights to a safe working environment are protected.

The actions of the protesters were in direct contravention of a specific agreement made between protesting students and the university’s executive that CPS officers are a critical service and should be able to continue to work.  The alleged actions taken by the protesters contravened this agreement.

Statement issued by UCT, 13 October 2016