#JZCaptureSite: Supra orders SAPS to disperse peaceful protesters – Joe McGluwa

DA activists who entered the premises got caught in the line of fire

#JZCaptureSite: Supra orders SAPS to disperse peaceful protesters

4 October 2017

Today, during the DA’s peaceful picket in Groot-Marico at the site where the ANC unveiled a multi-million rand monument to honor President Jacob Zuma, North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo instructed the SAPS to disperse the protesting DA and EFF members with stunt grenades, rubber bullets and a water cannon.

DA activists who entered the premises got caught in the line of fire and say that they clearly heard the Premier order the SAPS to “surround them, surround them!”.

This behavior by the Premier does not surprise the DA as the North West Premier has long been one of Jacob Zuma’s trusted cronies, always ready to support and protect  our corrupt president.

The DA believes that the monument that was unveiled today is a monument of corruption and unemployment, as that is the only history that the monument will record in South Africa. This was confirmed in the door-to-door visits that we conducted in the area while the ANC dignitaries were lavishly catered for in the air-conditioned tents.

We were deeply saddened by the living conditions and the environment surrounding the huge and shiny monument. Only a kilometer from the monument, residents of Groot Marico have no running water. See video here.

Due to a dysfunctional and neglected sanitation plant, the area is also experiencing severe sanitation problems. Just a stone’s throw from the monument, sewage is flowing into the river that children swim and play in.

The DA believes that this monument is a slap in the face of every South African that is struggling to find a job, that suffers the non-delivery of basic services and is affected by ANC corruption, mismanagement, the downgrading to junk status, poor economic growth and the looting of state resources.

The DA has written to the provincial government, requesting a full disclosure of the cost of this monument. We also asked for a detailed breakdown of the expenditure for the unveiling ceremony – including the busing in of the ANC’s “rent-a-crowd”, the hundreds of food parcels as well as the luxurious tents and catering. We are convinced that this money would have been much better spent on basic services to the poor and hungry residents of Groot-Marico.

The DA has great respect for the rich heritage of our country. But we will never support the waste of state funds while so many of our people still go to bed hungry every night.

May this monument be a daily reminder to every resident of this otherwise neglected province of the damage that our broken president, Jacob Zuma, has caused this country.

Issued by Joe McGluwa, DA North West Leader, 4 October 2017