Misinformed narratives of genocide in SA condemned – DA Abroad

Francine Higham says rural crime affects ALL South Africans, not only whites

DA Abroad strongly condemns misinformed narratives of genocide in South Africa

16 April 2018

The DA Abroad strongly condemns the orchestrated narrative of a genocide in South Africa targeted at white farmers. There have recently been numerous reports from Australia and Belgium media as well as various protest action against an alleged “white genocide" taking place in South Africa.

While we commend the concerns of South Africa’s expat community, the DA Abroad condemns organisers of protests and events who perpetuate misinformed narratives and mobilise on the basis of race.

Violent crime in South Africa is unacceptably high and it affects all South Africans, regardless of race. The DA is dedicated to ensuring that every South African feels safe and protected in our country.

We are of the view that these narratives surrounding an alleged “white genocide" are blatantly incorrect and simply untrue. These reports are nothing more than an attempt to divide South Africans on the basis of race and to derail our country’s reconciliation process.

In particular, the calls for the Australian government to consider a ‘special’ intake of white South African farmers facing violence, or the threat of land expropriation without compensation in South Africa is discriminatory and ignores the fact that thousands of South Africans are affected by crime every day, or the fact that rural crime affects ALL South Africans, not only white South Africans.

The DA Abroad recognises that farmers and farm workers across rural communities in South Africa are at risk of violent crimes. South Africa’s official opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA), has continuously put pressure on the South African government to prioritise rural safety and urgently reintroduce rural safety units.

Furthermore, while the DA supports land redistribution to correct the injustices of the past, we reject land expropriation without compensation, and have taken an active stand against the attempts by the ANC and EFF to implement abrogation of existing private property rights. Property rights are the bedrock of development and economic growth.

South Africans in Australia as well as other concerned organisations and individuals, are welcome to engage the DA Abroad team to support those in the DA challenging the issues of rural safety and land expropriation without compensation in order to uphold and protect the rights of all South Africans.

For the past 24 years, South Africans across racial lines have been committed to building an inclusive and non-racial society and the DA Abroad has been dedicated to work with South African expats and the international community to realise this vision.

Issued by Francine HighamDA Abroad Leader, 16 April 2018