Mogale councillors fail to interdict dismissal - EFF

Fighters say they are not an employment agency and won't bend to agenda of careerist elements


Thursday, October 12, 2017

The EFF welcomes the outcome of the Gauteng South High Court in the urgent matter of the six expelled EFF Mogale City councillors. These councillors sought to interdict their removal from the council by the EFF following their expulsion from the organisation. The court ruled against them, dismissed their case with costs and struck it off the roll. 

We welcome this dismissal particularly because these six councillors' argument as to why they must not be removed was that they would loose their salaries. In essence, they did not go to court to defend their membership in the EFF, but the salaries they earn from being councillors. This proves our long-held suspicion that they are driven by money and not service to our revolution and the people. 

It is an important revelation that all who join our ranks must take note of; our public representatives must never be about salaries. What must always define their interest is service to our people and the objectives of our revolution. As fighters, in all the corners of our ranks, we must isolate careectivists who come in our midst, masquerading as revolutionaries, when actually, they are here to earn salaries. 

The EFF is not an employment agency and shall never bend to the reactionary, narcissistic and destructive tendency of the careectivists who use the people's revolution to advance their personal financial statuses. 

We will be following up on the court order that these councillors must pay the costs of the case. They join the long line of other careectivists like Ramakatsa, Mngxitama and Tshabalala who have still to comply with the court order to pay EFF for futile cases in which they were defending salaries. It defies any logic to insist on earning EFF public representatives money, yet willing to corroborate with its enemies to undermine its revolution.

We will never allow to be represented by people who are not willing to live by our democratically determined mandate in councils, legislators and parliament.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 12 October 2017