Parliament endorses Dr Dintwe as new Inspector-General – Office of ANC Chief Whip

Chief Whip commends joint standing committee for working with laudable unity and dedication to ensure the best candidate is selected

Parliament endorses Dr Dintwe as new Inspector-General

29 November 2016

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip welcomes the National Assembly's endorsement of Dr Setlhomamaru Isaac Dintwe as per the recommendation of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence to the Office of the Inspector General of Intelligence in terms of section 210(b) of the Constitution. 

Dr Dintwe was endorced by a two thirds majority of 299 members of Parliament who voted in favour of his appointment. 

The key function of the IGI is to investigate complaints from the public and members of the Intelligence Service on “alleged maladministration, abuse of power, transgression of the Constitution, laws or policies” within the Intelligence Service.

Other roles and functions of the Inspector-General include: 

-  Monitor compliance by any Service with the Constitution, applicable laws and relevant policies on intelligence and counter-intelligence;

-  Review the intelligence and counter-intelligence activities of any service;

-  Perform all functions allocated by the President or any Minister responsible for a Designated Intelligence Service;

-  Receive and investigate complaints from members of the public and members of the Services;

-  Submit certificates to the Ministers responsible for intelligence services concerning the activities of the service for a prescribed period.

Dr Dintwe holds a Bachelor of Criminal Justice (from the North-West University) and Bachelor of Technology and Policing (from Technikon Southern Africa). He further holds a Master of Technology in Forensic Investigations and a Doctorate in Police Science, with specialisation in forensic investigation, from the University of South Africa. He is currently heading the Department of Police Practice at the School of Criminal Justice, College of Law at UNISA. 

We commend the joint standing committee for working with laudable unity, dedication and diligence to ensure that the best candidate is selected. We are pleased by the highest level of transparency and openness with which the entire selection process was conducted, thus encouraging maximum public participation. 

Parliament will, in line with the law, forward Dr Dintwe's name to the President for appointment.

Issued by Moloto Mothapo on behalf of the Office of the ANC Chief Whip, 30 November 2016