PP should hold culprits liable for payment of R30m to Molefe – Anton Alberts

FF Plus says amount is unlawful as Molefe should have earned about R243m per year to be eligible for that amount

FF asks PP to hold culprits personally liable for payment of R30 million to Brian Molefe

20 April 2017  

The Public Protecter (PP) should investigate the alleged payment of more than R30 million to Brian Molefe with special emphasis on political involvement and should hold all persons involved personally liable if the payment was unlawful, says Adv. Anton Alberts, chairperson of the FF Plus.

Adv. Alberts says it should also be clarified if the money was a pension pay out or whether it was a golden handshake since it was Molefe himself who resigned as Chief Executive Officer at Eskom.

He says whatever the case, it is still clearly unlawful since Molefe should have earned about R243 million per year to be eligible for a pension pay out of R30 million. His salary was, however, R8 million and he was in Eskom’s service for only a period of eighteen months.

"It is clear there are large irregularities around this pay out and the PP should investigate political involvement at the highest level.

"The details around this huge payment was exposed in the newspaper Sunday Times and the FF Plus wants to congratulate the media for their continuous role as guard dog on public matters and in holding the ANC government accountable on any irregularities.

"The FF Plus will ask the PP to give consideration to the possibility that those involved, including politicians and officials, should be held personally liable for the payment to Molefe," says Adv. Alberts. 

Issued by Anton Alberts, FF Plus chairperson, 20 April 2017