Racist British Airways condemned – EFF

Fighters say investigation should be launched into treatment of Black Motion DJs

EFF condemns the racist British Airways

6 December 2017

The EFF condemns the British Airways for a clearly racist ill-treatment they gave to Black Motion DJs. On their way from Cape Town, Black Motion was offloaded from a Johannesburg flight upon refusing to give up business class seats to a white customer. The flight attendants approached the Black Motion DJs who were the only blacks in the Business Class to give up their seats to a white lady who complained that her seat was broken. To accommodate her, they went for the only black Business Class passengers instructing them to move to the economy class. 

Upon the protest by Black Motion, the captain asked the police to offload them because he is not comfortable to fly angry blacks, fearing they will cause 9/11. Nothing demonstrates black hate that this very statement by the captain because the anger of a white customer is given a new comfortable seat, whereas the anger of blacks is offloaded as it poses 9/11 terrorist risk. 

We call on British Airways to institute an independent investigation into this situation, headed by an independent body or senior counsel. The Captain, together with the crew must be placed under immediate suspension and face the full might of the law. 

Failure to do this ACSA must suspend all BA flights in our country. British Airways can go fly in its colonial and ever racist Britain. Whomsoever is white and not willing to treat black people with dignity and respect must simply leave our country. In all restaurants, hotels, transportations, schools etc. black people are always treated as second-class citizens whilst all the best services are preferred to white people. 

Black Motion DJs has paid for the tickets and should have been treated with respect due to any human being.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 6 December 2017