Removal of presiding officer at Metsimaholo voting station welcome – EFF

Fighters say these were no 'honest mistakes' being made but a deliberate move to advantage ruling party

EFF welcomes the removal of a presiding officer in Metsimaholo voting station

28 November 2017

EFF welcomes the dismissal of an IEC presiding officer in the Metsimaholo Special Votes for the Local Municipal elections. Nolukhanyo Sanda who was responsible in Ward 8 Ethiopian Church of South Africa Voting Station was dismissed on the spot by Mr. Itumeleng Liba who is the Provincial IEC Manager. This is following a complaint by the EFF that Sanda had openly and defiantly flaunted the voting processes. Firstly, she did this by not inking the voters so that they are marked to avoid them voting more than once. Secondly, she was giving voters three ballots instead of two so that they vote for more than it is allowed. This was discovered when an honest voter returned the ballots realising they were more than required.

Thirdly, the presiding officer was not allowing Party Agents to observe the voting on home visits. This casts aspersions on the process as it makes voting not transparent. The EFF has therefore opened a criminal case against this presiding because in our view these are not honest mistakes, but deliberate moves to advantage the ruling party.

Metsimaholo special voters roll is in excess of 6000 people who must vote across all 21 wards today. Presiding Officers ought to know that stakes are high and thus the administering of voting must be properly compliant with the rules.

We therefore call on the IEC officials across the board to maintain highest levels of honesty, transparency and play by the required rules. We know as a matter of fact that at times, it is presiding officers who try to save the dying ANC during special votes. For the elections to be fair, it totally depends on the conduct of presiding officers who must earn the trust of all observers by playing by the book.

EFF will continue to update the South African public on any irregularities as we hold deep suspicions that the ANC wants to rig the elections to favour their return to power.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 28 November 2017