Reports of Malema accident fake news - EFF

Fighters says it is only responding due to the number of queries it has received


Sunday, August 27, 2017

The EFF dismisses reports that the CIC Julius Malema was involved in a road accident as fake news. Ordinarily, the EFF would not dignify fake news with a media release. However, taken the volumes of inquiries from the media, we thought it wise to place it on the public record that the CIC Julius Malema has not been in any road accident. 

These inquiries have not only been from the media, they have also come from close friends and relatives of the CIC. Thus, we would like to guarantee the entire public that these were malicious and incentive fake news. 

We also know that it may as well be the work of the enemy who may be testing waters to see what reaction would such news create, if real. If the enemy plans to take the life of the CIC through an accident, they may be releasing fake news to test if this would cause instability or not; rest assured that if this is the case, we are not fooled. 

Our media regulatory laws have to improve to deal with this scourge of fake news. Media and indeed all journalists must be free to report whatever they wish, however, they are not free to lie and cause public and family panic. We must indeed find a way to impose sanctions on those who take to our internet to report fake news. 

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 27 August 2017