Sim Tshabalala’s appointment a signal white supremacy giving way – EFF

Fighters calls on Standard Bank CEO to embrace opportunity to drive transformation in financial sector

EFF congratulates Sim Tshabalala on CEO of Standard Bank appointment

13 September 2017

The EFF congratulates Sim Tshabalala for being appointed CEO of Africa's largest bank, Standard Bank. Tshabalala is the first black person to be appointed to this position 23 years after democracy's dawn in South Africa. This is, therefore, a long overdue appointment signalling that white supremacy is slowly giving way in the financial sector. 

We call on Tshabalala to embrace this as an opportunity to advance the transformation of the lending powers. This must be articulated in investments to landless rural black women who must begin to get cheaper services from Standard Bank. It must further manifest in investments to the small black business women in townships whose businesses have been suffocated by big players brought about by ANC built malls.

Tshabalala must prioritise the challenges of access to higher education and student accommodation thereof. May many of the academically deserving students find access to funds and cheaper accommodation through initiatives done by his Standard Bank. 

We call on him to dispel the phenomenon of being a front for white domination and interests. This Tshabalala must do by being his own man, leading the company in the best interest of a transformation agenda. He must demonstrate that transformation is sustainable and can advance excellence and success. 

We impress upon him to realize that he will be presiding over an institution entrusted with keeping lots of liquid cash instead of investing it in our economy towards labour absorptive industrial development. Therefore may his tenure as CEO be marked by great investment in labour absorptive industrial development that will lead to quality sustainable jobs. 

Issued by Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, the Economic Freedom Fighters, 13 September 2017