Striking SABC workers have our support – COSATU

Federation says Minister and SABC Board need to intervene and meet reasonable demands

COSATU fully supports the striking SABC workers

14 December 2017

The Congress of South African Trade Unions fully supports the striking SABC workers as led by our affiliate CWU and other unions. We are calling on the public broadcaster to respond to the legitimate and reasonable demands of the workers because the demand of a10% salary increase is in line with the escalating price of basic necessities in the country. Food, electricity and fuel costs have gone up over the last couple of months and the workers are right to ask for salary increments that will keep pace with the cost of living.

The Minister of Communications and the SABC Board need to intervene and make sure that the reasonable demands of the workers are met by the management. For years these workers have been the only shining light at SABC; they are the ones, who have kept the lights on when the politicians and their deployees were looting and collapsing the institution. They deserve better than this shabby treatment that they are getting from the management.

Workers should not be made to pay for the sins of others. We condemn the intimidation tactics and the anti-worker posture of the public broadcaster’s intransigent management. We urge workers to maintain their fighting spirit and their unity because if they do not support each other on the picket line, they will meet each other on the soup kitchen lines.

The federation urges all its members and workers in general to offer solidarity to the striking SABC workers.

An injury to one is an injury to all!


Issued by Sizwe Pamla, National Spokesperson, COSATU, 14 December 2017