We condemn religious intolerance at mosque - ANC W Cape

Party says intolerance, racism and discrimination in Western Cape is on the rise because of divisive politicking and racial profiling

ANC condemns religious intolerance at the Simon's Town mosque

10 January 2017

The ANC WC unequivocally condemns the incidents at both Simon's Town and Kalk Bay Mosques that's transpired over the last few days. Since our establishment we have promoted non racialism as well as the freedom to practice religion and we've ensured these ideals are enshrined within our Constitution.

The Simon's Town community, which is one of the oldest in Cape Town and dating back to the 18 century, was forcibly removed by the Apartheid government under the group areas act. Our mosque and churches that we left behind tell a story of harmony, coexistence and mutual respect.

We have noticed globally that there is a shift towards the right and we call on our people to stand united in protecting the culture of coexistence in the Western Cape.

Intolerance, racism and discrimination in Western Cape is on the rise because of divisive politicking, racial profiling and " Swart Gevaar". We see Economic Apartheid and racial segregation and spatial pattern still in the City of Cape Town and the entire Western Cape. This must change and we must promote a more inclusive city/province and build stronger united communities .

We are all South Africans and must live together in our rich diversity - culture, language, religion and even origin. ANC embraces and celebrates diversity of this non-racial & sexist rainbow nation based on dignity and respect for all.

We must unite in our diversity - and report all forms of discrimination and promote tolerance, acceptance and understanding.

As the flag bearers of liberation in South Africa, we call on the authorities to investigate without fear or favour and leave no stone unturned in bringing the perpetrators of these disgusting attack to book.

Issued by Faiez Jacobs, Provincial Secretary, ANC Western Cape, 10 January 2017