We never threatened Dr Makhosi Khoza - BLF

Organisation says it holds high the principle of "peace among blacks", Oppenheimer-funded DM report false

BLF never threatened Dr Khoza

Black First Land First (BLF) notes with disdain the desperate campaign by the white media to tarnish the name of our revolutionary movement through fake news. BLF is aware that the white media, in its quest to prop up white monopoly capital, has resorted to lying by manufacturing fake news [see Daily Maverick report here].

The story peddled by the white owned media about BLF’s telephone number being associated with the alleged threats on the life of Dr Makhosi Khoza, is a cheap fabrication. BLF does not and will not fight black people, including those we regard as askaris. This fact is known to the white owned media that continues to play ignorant. In this respect, the white owned media hopes to generate a situation of black on black violence in our country.

BLF and its members would NEVER make such threats to a black person. We hold high the principle of “peace amongst blacks”. We also have an official policy called the “BLACK CODE ON HOUSE NIGGERS & SELLOUTS”. The BLACK CODE mandates BLF to defend all blacks even those we disagree with. There is no way that BLF could threaten any black person. We reject with contempt the attempt to link our movement to the phone number through which the calls were ostensibly made.

BLF believes that there must be a white person or persons behind the attempt to smear our organization. We don’t regard Dr Khoza as a political anything. She is just loud and irrelevant. Moreover since she is black we won’t, under any circumstances, threaten her. The white owned media needs to understand what BLF stands for and stop peddling cheap lies.

BLF is under massive attack from white monopoly capital. The media reports under reply are generated as part of the onslaught on the organization. We won’t be deterred. Land must be returned by any means necessary!

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC) 15 July 2017


Daily Maverick created the Dr Makhosi Khoza story

Black First Land First (BLF) has done a preliminary investigation into the story written by the white monopoly capital publication, Daily Maverick, which is funded by the Oppenheimer family among other rogue funders. The result of the BLF investigation shows that the story was manufactured by Daily Maverick, with the possible assistance of Dr Makhosi Khoza. Whilst BLF could not conclusively link the conspiracy between Dr Khoza and Daily Maverick, there is a strong indication that there may have been some co-operation.

The BLF investigation revealed that the SIM card attributed to BLF is a “burner”. This is the usual so-called “pre ricad” SIM cards bought on the side of the road. The caller ID information can be edited in those SIM cards.

It’s curious why the Amabhungane linked, Scorpion investigative journalism outfit assisted in creating the fake story. Daily Maverick says two sources confirmed that the number is registered as BLF. This is a lie manufactured to create fake news. No such sources exist. Daily Maverick, although it says the number belongs to “BLF” failed to ascertain under whose name the sim was registered. The worst is that there is no evidence that the Daily Maverick and its so-called “sources” even tried to verify their claims.

The RICA process is basically as follows:

One must produce a valid identification card and proof of residence to RICA. Therefore your SIM card will have your name and address.

We know RICA did not disclose that information to Daily Maverick because it is unavailable. Nor has Daily Maverick sought such verification because it was creating a fake story.

Cynically, Daily Maverick relies on the “True Caller ID” Android app which can be edited and manipulated. Anyone can google “Caller ID spoofing”. Just to drive the point, if you run the number through the system you will see that the sim card is a “burner” or one of those unricad SIM cards you find at taxi ranks. The question is why is Daily Maverick lying?

The BLF investigation shows that Dr Khoza is earmarked to be in the leadership of the pro-white monopoly capital break away party from the ANC which is planned should Cyril Ramaphosa lose the leadership battle in December. Her role is to prepare the ground for such a break away party which will be led by Ramaphosa. The fake news by the white owned media are part of raising Dr Khoza’s public profile. The story was created to try to boost her profile as she instigates the ANC to expel her.

The role of Amabhugane and the so-called ‘Scorpions’ is to give credence to the fake stories against opponents of white monopoly capital. It seems on this one they were rather too sloppy and amateurish but they don’t care because they believe the public doesn’t question their credentials and motives and therefore they can generate as much fake news as they wish.

BLF calls on government to seriously start the process towards setting up a media tribunal.

The white owned media has turned journalism into a jungle whilst shutting down alternative sources of news and analysis such as Black Opinion.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC), 16 July 2017