We’re committed to battling DA-EFF maladministration – ANC Joburg

Solly Mogase says Mayor Herman Mashaba is bringing the city to brink of financial ruin


Johannesburg, Monday, 4 December

The office of the Chief Whip in the City of Johannesburg is committed to working tirelessly in the City to expose the inadequacies of the DA-EFF coalition. The motions of no confidence tabled on 30 November 2017 against Mayor Herman Mashaba and Speaker Vasco da Gama were not an attempt by the ANC to regain power, but rather an attempt to assist the DA-EFF coalition that is driving the City into bankruptcy. The current maladministration in the City is to the detriment of the people of Johannesburg.

The people of Johannesburg deserve leadership that listens, that is committed to delivering services to them efficiently and effectively. Should Mashaba continue leading the City, the eradication of poverty and unemployment will never be realised and the City will go into further financial ruin. During the two-day Council sitting held on 29 and 30 November, opposition parties, including the EFF, agreed with the ANC that speaker Da Gama was failing dismally. During presentations, the EFF also expressed that Mayor Mashaba was playing the role of a “cop” instead of executing his responsibilities as mayor, which include providing services to the people of Johannesburg.

The office of the Chief Whip in the City of Johannesburg rejects any form of corruption and will continue the vigourous fight against it to ensure that services are delivered to the people of Johannesburg. During the ANC administration in the City, initiatives to curb corruption were put in place, including a forensic unit under Group Risk and Assurance Services (GRAS), an Anti-Fraud Hotline that handles allegations of fraud, corruption, theft and other crimes of dishonesty committed against it, as well as the establishment of the Office of the Ombudsman which was developed in response to the Gauteng Development Strategy 2040 goals of creating a responsive, accountable, effective and productive City.

The ANC Caucus in the City of Johannesburg will continue to pursue all matters of mis-governance in the City in an attempt to save Johannesburg from its imminent failure.

Statement issued by ANC Caucus COJ Chief Whip, Solly Mogase, 4 December 2017