Thabo Mbeki's letter to Jacob Zuma

Thabo Mbeki
31 October 2008

Text of the former South African president's disputed message to the ANC leadership

Comrade President,

I imagine that these must be especially trying times for you as president of our movement, the ANC, as they are for many of us as ordinary members of our beloved movement, which we have strived to serve loyally for many decades.

I say this to apologise that I impose an additional burden on you by sending you this long letter.

I decided to write this letter after I was informed that two days ago, on October 7, the president of the ANC Youth League and you the following day, October 8, told the country, through the media, that you would require me to campaign for the ANC during the 2009 election campaign.

As you know, neither of you had discussed this with me prior to your announcements. Nobody in the ANC leadership - including you, the presidents of the ANC and ANCYL - has raised this matter with me since then.

To avoid controversy, I have declined all invitations publicly to indicate whether I intended to act as you indicated or otherwise.

In truth your announcements took me by surprise.

This is because earlier you had sent Comrades Kgalema Motlanthe and Gwede Mantashe to inform me that the ANC NEC and our movement in general had lost confidence in me as a cadre of our movement.

They informed me that for this reason you suggested that I should resign my position as president of the Republic, which I did.

I therefore could not understand how the same ANC which was so disenchanted with me could, within a fortnight, consider me such a dependable cadre as could be relied upon to promote the political fortunes of the very same movement, the ANC, which I had betrayed in such a grave and grevious manner as to require that I should be removed from the presidency of the Republic a mere six or seven months before the end of our term, as mandated by the masses of our people!

Your public announcements I have mentioned came exactly at the moment when Comrade Mosiuoa "Terror" Lekota and other ANC comrades publicly raised various matters about our movement of concern to them.

I have noted that some in our broad democratic movement have spoken publicly, unfortunately, and wrongly saying that Comrade Terror has acted as they have, driven by their loyalty to me as an individual.

During the decades we have worked together in the ANC, we have had the great fortune that our movement has consistently repudiated the highly noxious phenomenon of the "cult of personality", which we saw manifested in other countries.

It therefore came as a surprise to me that anybody within our revolutionary democratic movement could so much as suggest, and therefore insult somebody like Terror Lekota that he could act as he has, whether rightly or wrongly, driven by attachment to a personal cult!

In this context, given that I have worked longer with you than I have worked with Terror, I would be interested to know your view of any instance in our movement during which it fell victim to the noxious phenomenon of the personality cult, as a result of which it ceased to think, content to act in the manner of the "anointed personality", such as the late Kim Il-Sung determined to the people of North Korea!

Personally, I've been privileged to interact with such varied titans of our struggle such as Oliver Tambo, Moses Kotane, JB Marks, ZK Matthews, Yusuf Dadoo, Mark Shope, Leslie Massina, Duma Nokwe, Moses Mabhida, Frances Baard, Steve Dlamini, Lilian Ngoyi, Walter Sisulu, Gertrude Shope, Govan Mbeki, Julius Nyerere, Raymond Mhlaba, Kenneth Kaunda, Helen Joseph, Trevor Huddleston, Agostinho Neto, Robert Resha, Jack Simons, Seretse Khama, Ray Alexander, Ruth Matseoane, Sam Nujoma, Fish Keitsing, Kate Molale, Ahmed Kathrada, Nelson Mandela, Joshua Nkomo, Samora Machel, MB Yengwa, Ruth and Joe Slovo, Robert Mugabe, Mpho Motsamai, Bram and Molly Fischer, Mike Harmel, Brian and Sonia Bunting, Andrew Mlangeni, Liz Abrahams, Joe Modise, Florence Mophosho, Alfred Nzo, Beyers Naude, Albertina Sisulu, Thomas Nkobi, Sophie de Bruyn, Ellen Khuzwayo, Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela, Wilton Mkwayi, Alfred Hutchinson, Rusty and Hilda Bernstein, Jack and Rita Hodgson, Cedric Mayson, Thomas Nkobi, Tiny Nokwe, Albert Nolan and many others.

All these, and many others I have not mentioned, were and are true heroines and heroes of our struggle.

I have omitted to mention others among these such as Albert Luthuli because I cannot claim truthfully that I have interacted with them in the context of the struggle.

I have mentioned the people I have to make essential and crucial points, central to the value system of our movement and struggle, that none of these heroes or heroines ever sought adulation in any manner that would turn them into cult figures.

They never did anything, nor did we act in any way as we grew up in the liberation movement, which would result in our movement being enslaved in the cult of the individual.

In this regard there were exceptional circumstances attached to Comrade Nelson Mandela, which were not of his making or will.

In the context of the global struggle for the release of political prisoners in our country, our movement took a deliberate decision to profile Nelson Mandela as the representative personality of these prisoners, and therefore to use his personal political biography, including the persecution of his then wife, Winnie Mandela, dramatically to present to the world and the South African community the brutality of the apartheid system.

The beginning and the end of this particular discourse is that both of us have grown up in a political atmosphere that we fully respected and honoured our leaders, heroes and heroines without reservation.

However, for me personally, at no point did this translate into "hero worship" and therefore the progression to the phenomenon of the "cult of personality".

I know this as a matter of fact that all the heroes and heroines I have mentioned would have opposed the emergence of such a cult with every fibre in their revolutionary bones!

For this reason I find it strange in the extreme that today cadres of our movement attach the label of a "cult of personality" to me, and indeed publicly declare a determination "to kill" to defend your own cause, the personal interests of "the personality", Jacob Zuma!

When we last met, on September 19 2008, at the Denel buildings adjacent to the Oliver Tambo International Airport, I restated to you the incontrovertible fact that you knew that our engagement in the struggle for the liberation of our people had never been informed by a striving for personal power, status or benefit.

In this context I told you that should the ANC NEC, which was meeting from that day, decide that I should no longer serve as president of the Republic, having been the ANC presidential candidate presented to the Second and Third democratic parliament in 2004, I would respect this decision and therefore resign.

I have been informed informally that you reported this to the ANC NEC at the conclusion of the discussion about this particular matter. I take this opportunity sincerely to thank you for communicating my views to the NEC in this regard.

I mention all this in the light of what I cited earlier - the statements made first by the president of the ANC Youth League and later yourself, concerning the role I would play in the forthcoming 2009 election campaign, which has not been discussed with me.

For some years now our movement has had to manage an immensely challenging and unprecedented situation, occasioned by the criminal charges preferred against you by the National Prosecuting Authority, and related matters.

I state this as a matter of fact with no comment about the merits or demerits of what may have been said and done by anybody or institution in this regard.

I also mention this fact in this letter because, despite our best efforts, many in our movement and our population at large have refused to believe the sincere message both of us strived to communicate, that there were and are no divisions between us, and that nobody should use our names to incite or perpetuate division in the ANC and the country.

When the December 2007 Polokwane ANC National Conference elected you president of the ANC, and responding to Comrade Kgalema Motlanthe's suggestion, I walked with you to the platform, publicly to demonstrate my acceptance of that outcome, as did other Comrades who had been defeated in the electoral process.

When, more recently, the ANC NEC decided that it no longer had confidence in me to serve as its preferred cadre to occupy the position of president of the Republic, I made it a point not to contest this decision, and therefore resigned.

When I addressed the nation on September 21 2008, announcing that I had tendered my resignation as president of the Republic, to the National Assembly as the elective body, I said that I have been a member of the ANC for 52 years.

There is absolutely nothing I have done through this half-a-century of struggle of which I am ashamed. Above all, I know of nothing I have done which, to my knowledge, constitutes a betrayal of the interests of the masses of our people and their confidence in the ANC.

Despite all this, I have taken note of the campaign that some in our ranks, supported by some in our media, have waged for many years focused on discrediting me in particular, given the senior positions I have occupied in the ANC, and the ANC in general.

I have constantly been acutely aware of the fact that this campaign has been based on outright lies and deliberate and malicious distortions.

For many years I have refused to stoop to a public debate driven by these fabrications, which would demean and destroy the dignity of the ANC, its leadership and me personally.

I must admit that this posture might have produced results we never intended, specifically as it might have suggested that we could not contest the lies that have been told.

I know that now there are some in our country and elsewhere in the world who appear on television programmes or contribute newspaper opinion columns as "experts" or "analysts", simply on the basis of their readiness to abandon all ethical considerations and self-respect, to propagate entirely fabricated and negative notions about what our national democratic revolution means to our country and people.

Because of the services some of these have rendered to the opponents of the national democratic revolution, the "experts" and "analysts" and others who market themselves as "intellectuals/academics" have been handsomely rewarded with material possessions as embedded opponents of the national democratic revolution.

Yet such is the malaise that has entrenched itself in our democracy, including our movement, that we do not ask the obvious question - how can such "intellectuals/academics" have come to accumulate such wealth?

Bearing in mind everything I have said, let me then address the immediate matters on the national agenda, which relate directly to me.

(1) Comrade Lekota and others have not engaged me in any of the actions they have taken, to secure my approval or otherwise.

(2) The ANC leadership has not engaged me in any of the responses it has taken in this regard, to secure my approval or otherwise.

(3) Informally, I have communicated my view to both these contending groups, members of the ANC, that they should address all matters that might be in contention.

(4) In my President's Political Report to the Polokwane 52nd National Conference of the ANC, presented as prescribed by the ANC constitution, I warned of the grave challenges our movement was facing. I suggested that the conference should discuss these. This was not done. Ten months after this report was presented, I still stand by what it said.

Following the developments of December 2007 and September 2008, relating to tasks I had been given by the ANC, I have considered carefully what I should do as a private South African and African citizen.

Currently I am working as speedily as I can to elaborate the substance of this work, which will ensure that whatever I do in no way involves me in the internal politics of the ANC or the functioning of the government of South Africa.

As the saying goes, I refuse absolutely to rule from the grave. History will judge whether what I did during my political life, until September 25 2008, is worth anything.

Given the December 2007 and September 2008 outcomes to which I have referred, I trust that you will take the necessary measures to:

  • Remind all comrades that everything we have done since 1994, to advance the national democratic revolution, has been based on collective decisions of our movement, without exceptions
  • Encourage all Comrades honestly to confront the real problems, challenges and opportunities that the ANC, the broad democratic movement and our country face and,
  • Convince these Comrades to desist from abandoning their revolutionary democratic obligations by falsely and dishonestly pretending that the goals of the national democratic revolution have been frustrated, if they have been, through the actions of one individual - Thabo Mbeki.

I would like to believe that you and I have devoted out adult lives to the victory of the national democratic revolution, and nothing else.

Similarly, I would like to believe that we have always understood that this revolution has as its principal focus the upliftment and empowerment of the millions of our working people, including women, who constitute the overwhelming majority of our people.

Accordingly, we have understood that this revolution has absolutely nothing to do with the personal fortunes of those who might, by virtue of historical accident, be its leaders at any particular moment.

I would like to believe that in this context we agree that the strategic and historic task facing the tried-and-tested leaders and cadres of our movement is to determine what needs to be done, next, to advance the goals of the national democratic revolution, focused on advancing the interests of the millions of the working masses.

In my view, with which you are free to disagree, the revolutionary tasks we confront are to:

  • Recognise the various factors that have militated against the achievement of the unity and cohesion of the ANC in the recent past
  • Defeat the actions prevalent in our governance system, especially the provinces and municipalities, to remove from their positions Comrades who are perceived as belonging to factions different from those which currently serve as elected leaders in the current elected ANC structures
  • Renew the democratic movement on the basis of:
    • opposition to the cult of personality
    • the defeat of careerism and opportunism
    • the defeat of the use of violence in the ANC and the rest of the democratic movement to impose particular leadership cliques interested in winning government tenders for themselves and their friends
    • the defeat of bureaucratic parasitic tendency leading to the abuse of state power for self-enrichment
    • the rejection of the phenomenon of the emergence of a black compradore bourgeosie which, in the context of BBBEE, is ready to front both for the domestic white and international capitalists
    • commitment to the implementation of a socio-economic programme focused on economic growth and development, the restructuring and development of our economy, reducing unemployment and poverty, and sharing the wealth of our country in terms of our national, class and gender categories.

Nobody, and I believe the leadership of the ANC above all others, can ignore the conclusion that today our country stands at a particular crossroad.

This means that the decisions we take today will impact on our country and the masses of our people for a considerable number of years.

I am confident that the decisions the leadership of the ANC will take in this regard, with you at its head, will indeed advance the goals of the national democratic revolution to which so many of us, led by the veterans of our movement, have dedicated our lives.

As a small plea in this regard, I appeal that nobody should abuse or cite my name falsely to promote their partisan cause, including how the 2009 ANC election campaign will be conducted.

Amandla! Matla!

Thabo Mbeki

October 8 2008

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I find it strange in the extreme that today cadres of our movement attach the label of a "cult of personality" to me, and indeed publicly declare a determination "to kill" to defend your own cause, the personal interests of "the personality", Jacob Zuma!"
Thabo Mbeki


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 responses to this article

The apartheid system may have been "brutal", but there were less
crime, more competent public service, and 4 tribal states were totally free. The ANC's version of freedom has lead to dilapidated city centres, mass emigration of those who can leave, etc.

by HR on October 31 2008, 11:22
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Sure, JZ will read it; but will he understand it?
The problem is that Blade and Mantashe will be interpriting the letter for JZ; more like the blind leading the blind!!

by Mute Fool on October 31 2008, 11:22
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what about ????
1. The minister of health ?
2. Commissioner of police ??
3. Crime ??
4. good people leaving the country in thousands?
5. The arms scandal
6. Travelgate
7 education system
8. poverty
9. unemployment etc , etc . .more

by pj on October 31 2008, 11:27
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Cmde TM s letter
I find it strange that the people mention the fact that Cde TM has never consented that he is still a full memeber of the ANc and the fact that Cde Gwede was lying to sayTM is still a member of the movement when this letter states it clearly that he is . .more

by Concerned Citizen on October 31 2008, 11:34
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The ANC is really useless
They have been so bad for this country. One does hope that they can find decent more effective people to run the country or that the new party gets more votes than the ANC. Somehow it all looks like the usual african failure coming up after all they have . .more

by Very Dissappointed on October 31 2008, 11:48
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Ready to serve if asked?
Does anyone else remember what a big deal TM made about being ready to serve, if asked? When did that change or get cancelled? This letter is a typical piece of TM double-talk. It amounts to a refusal to do his duty, by a man who claimed and still claims . .more

by Domza on October 31 2008, 12:03
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How long?
How long will it be before someone in the ANC comes out and says that the media misquoted or just plain lied in reporting the ANC's "interpretation" of this letter? How long will it be before yet another contradiction coming from the collective mouth of . .more

by CTheB on October 31 2008, 12:17
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TM stated that when he said ready to serve he was told that there is no faith in him. Domza, please read the letter carefully. i believe what TM and JZ said is different from what Mantashe says. JZ told the ANC not to recall the president. what the papers . .more

by malemza on October 31 2008, 12:29
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Vintage Mbeki
What a vacuous piece of writing, full of cliches and irrelevant mumblings. Also illustrates Mbeki's leaning towards Stalinist-speak and ideology.

I have noticed his reference to Mugabe as a titan. I think that explains a lot when it comes to . .more

by Ad Hoc on October 31 2008, 12:41
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You Do Owe Your Vote
You are wrong Malemza. You owe your vote to Helen Zille. She has just been awarded International Mayor of the Year by an international group for her policies, compassion, intergrity, honesty and leadership. She is also colourblind and, it just so happens . .more

by J on October 31 2008, 12:45
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Sulking too long
TM is in a sulk. He is deployed and he is refusing. This will have consequences if it does not change, so long as TM is making public statements. It is a matter for the ANC. As far as what Gwede Mantashe said, it is born out by this letter, insofar as TM . .more

by Domza on October 31 2008, 12:46
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Thabo Mbeki
This is the same Thabo that climbed into the Anglo American CEO a few years back when he voiced an opinion that SA had a certain amount of polictcal risk associated with it.

I see that Thabo refuses to aknowledge the damage he has done in the . .more

by Ad Hoc on October 31 2008, 12:56
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Cry me a river.............
Just scanned this nonsense and thats all I could come up with.

by RUS on October 31 2008, 12:57
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Cry me a ditch..I will let marketing take care of the rest...

by Tuscanite on October 31 2008, 13:05
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The cult of personality
I have made my own thoughts about the presidency of former Presdient Thabo Mbeki plain in various writings.

As a former member of the SACP (1963-67), however, I wish to endorse the sentiments of former President Mbeki in this letter when he . .more

by Paul Trewhela on October 31 2008, 13:35
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you can;t keep a good man down
that yhe truth Mr TM let the former masters feel it

by mabekistoe on October 31 2008, 15:06
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JZ and Gwede must get interpreters
Having read Tabos letter, I doubt if JZ and Gwede understood the letter of the former president. These two guys are desperate for interpreters. Their statements are confusing the public.


All I can tell you Domza, is that Tabo . .more

by Fundile on October 31 2008, 15:22
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U.R.1 Person Speak only 4.U.
Dearest Beloved Yawn,
Please leave 'white' people alone! Speak for your-self alone. No one annoited and or appointed you a spokesperson for all white people. There a many white people who are friends of mine and they don't remember registering with . .more

by Papatso on October 31 2008, 15:30
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Thabos Letter
Zuma hate the ANC and sold Mbeki to the National Excited Committe to remove him surely our country is on cross roads and Mbeki does not want any thing t do with it.

by ANON on October 31 2008, 15:43
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Still in denial
Mbeki cites Mugabe as one of the ANC greats.
Is this a Freudian slip?
The man is still in denial.
I agree with other posters that he comes across as a sulky arrogant idiot who has tripped over his own hubris.

by Colin on October 31 2008, 15:59
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Some good points that i aplaude some not so good points but
People u are actually here to serve protect and lead the people not to get some great revolution to work.You need to die to yourself and do what is best for the people serve protect and build.

If you whom lead dont get this then South Africa . .more

by J on October 31 2008, 16:07
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Self serving Mbeki
Mr former President you are not as clever as you thought you were. Campaign for who ? Nobody wants to hear your self serving talk any more.

by Archie Mabuza on October 31 2008, 17:22
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For those who do not want to make the same mistake I made to read this long-winding letter, here is a summary:

Hi JZ, note that I am not availaible to help the ANC with the 2009 elections. I am a bit confused why you would want my help with . .more

by ljh on October 31 2008, 17:30
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One may or may not like TM but the way a bunch of people deposed him without consulting this country in a free election is really shocking and takes us back to the POLIT BUREAU favorite practices...

Demand a referendum on electing your . .more

by A Frenchman in Durban on October 31 2008, 21:41
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by LOYAL CADRE on October 31 2008, 21:48
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democracy not hegemony
In 1994 we were sold a glorious democratic revolution but the reality of what we now have is a corrupt fascist hegemony where self-serving illiterate bureacrats stalk every corridor that smells of power or money . I do not want to live in a country . .more

by mayday on November 01 2008, 00:20
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ANC Cadres when will Jackie "Gangsters Friend" Selebi write his open..
letter ?The SA Commisioner is due to write his open letter, maybe Waltons Stationary must sponsor all the ANC idiots with pens and papers to write open letters.

by citizen on November 01 2008, 06:15
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How contradictory is this waffle...
TM comments that he has been privileged to interact with various "titans" of the struggle... our great "cult personality" in the north - mad Bob Mugabe is one such "cult personality" and furthermore towards the closure of TM's postulations there is . .more

by Lion sleeps tonight... on November 01 2008, 09:10
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A tip for the ANC - Forget the "Comrade" nonsense
It is so Yesterday

by Sad Days on November 01 2008, 12:27
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Thabo Mbeki
TM your letter gave me goose pumps. I cannot wait for the response from JZ. Some advice for you TM - you do not have to be ashamed of anything - there is nothing you could have done. Justice deferred is actually a huge advantage for you - watch that . .more

by Admirer on November 01 2008, 14:28
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How embarrassing to have you name associated with the likes of
Robert Mugabe!!!!!!

by Eish on November 01 2008, 16:06
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Robert Mugabe
No African patriot and liberation veterian has not interacted with the old man! Interacting with someone does not imply friendship or personal corelation.be wise. Mugabe is overdue for retirement but has lots of credits that can not be ignored throughout . .more

by brave on November 01 2008, 16:51
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when the centre does not hold............. things fall apart. Now Cde Zuma is patching things with super glue. TM should refuse, he must necer dance to the shots called by a bunch drop outs who are struggling to get things together. were these proposals . .more

by reluctant-to-write-my-name=expulsion on November 02 2008, 09:59
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Bravo Thabo Bravo
To err is human."cowards die many time before their deaths but the valiant dies but only once"
I ll always respect Thabo.

by khumbulani on November 02 2008, 11:00
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out of date
Words like 'comrade' , so proudly touted, simply show how out of date this fellow is. The anti-apartheid movement lifted him from obscurity to an unearned place on the world stage, and now that he faces a real democratic test he can only fall back on . .more

by mike crampton on November 02 2008, 11:52
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Respose to Khubalo and out of date
Khubalo, the problem with your like are the negative words you are bent on using. I do not want to be associated with people using words like "Niggaz, destry, hell" and "kill, dog" That sounds like comimg straight from the pit of darkness. If you want tp . .more

by Admirer on November 02 2008, 12:10
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Confussion in The ANC
The ANC does not want to accept that they blundered by recalling the then president of the country. Now they act as if they dont feel the heat of the convention at Santon. They are testing their own mediscine.

by Moloko from Rustenburg on November 02 2008, 12:54
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I am not proud to be the ANCYL.
Tata u-Mbeki.

You have served the republic with dignity and respect. Not once in my youthful life have I heard of you talking negetively about your comrades / coleages nor have I had you engaging in public debates that would scar the . .more

by Akhona Tiki on November 02 2008, 15:26
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All talk left alI walk right
Comedy of Errors! The macabre and grotesque! Stalinist personality cult affimation, or fears perhaps? Revolutionary rhetoric! The wronged the wounded and the discarded? Perhaps the phoenix? Time will reveal?

by Sairosi on November 02 2008, 17:44
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Racism is a sign of diminished intelligence.

by Angie on November 03 2008, 08:59
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Democracy and opposition
Without wanting to sandwitch myself between Shikota and ANC, I would like to express my strongest support for a strong opposition to the ANC. I think they have become irritably arrogant. These Polokwane vistors have complete disregard for the feelings of . .more

by Mfetu on November 03 2008, 09:02
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Future president
I thought Zuma was being groomed to be the future president of this nation. However, I am surprised about his reaction on many issues. A president should be above party politics. You do not swear at people for not agreeing with the party you lead. Whether . .more

by Mfetu on November 03 2008, 09:15
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President Mbeki
people might find faults on TM, they talk as if they would have made better presidents, its not easy up there, and Mbeki has done pretty good job. give the guy a break, he went to over seas to make pretty good deals for our country, but when something . .more

by To'baby on November 03 2008, 10:36
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self righteous
As much as the letter outlines the problems that ANC has been faced it- what buffles me is TM oblivious state of mind towards his own faults. Why all these problems emerged when he was in power if he's such a victim. All- had issues with his- I think- . .more

by dollar on November 03 2008, 12:36
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the party must go back to the roots
it has a been a long time since comrades said: come and state your case within the internal protocol. many views to that effect have been raised but to no avail. the public gets lead to understanding that these seen to be defient comrades are trully not . .more

by sir-jez on November 03 2008, 13:06
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ANC decay
I am not affiliated to any political party but as an intelligent young person I have opinions and views on things affecting the nation and me in particular. T.M was in his own league, intelligent and had a vision..he also had his challenges and yes he . .more

by V.O. on November 03 2008, 13:53
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My President
This letter is jus so beautifully written and only like minded ppl will understand the objective and it's message.
Long live TM my president!

by Mojathoto on November 03 2008, 15:55
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BEE the death blow for ANC
The demise of the ANC is BEE. The struggle for freedom was replaced swiftly by the struggle for wealth and fortune. The looting under TM's watch, saw individuals getting obscenely weathly. Service delivery was shocking and the masses were irrelevant. The . .more

by GK on November 03 2008, 19:02
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Best interest of south african citezens
The intrests of South African citizens should come first no matter we have the president or not. The resignation of TM surely means the ANC is only concerned about its internal politics and personal vendettas which as a citizen of South Africa I feel so . .more

by fezz on November 04 2008, 14:35
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Malema show respect bcz you just a newcomer!!
They way julius malema disrespect the former president of SA, you can tell there are people of the ANC who are behind this. Just an advise Julius, if you want to be prosperous you need to show a respect especially to your adults.

by GENERAL MXUBE on November 05 2008, 13:51
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Thabo my TITAN

Thank you for finally speaking out.Now we know.

by sgaqa on November 05 2008, 22:01
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Mbeki Must go
I find the letter as a wiast of time, If you were a good comrade you could have stood up and lead people of this country to a right direction especially at this time of these Challatans lekota and Shilowa.
Why cant you just resign your membership . .more

by V Macotha on November 06 2008, 11:43
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All 4 SA
The Beauty of S.A is that evryone has an opion, sadly that includes the clueless and the brainwashed. As for S.A's political misfortunes, it'l take a lot more than 14 yrs to repair the damage caused by the apartheid era. TM has done his bit, besides being . .more

by NSG on November 06 2008, 20:48
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In South Africa, people must commence to realize that "change is all we need' politically. People should contemplete that ANC will be benefitless in the next years,thus to get rid of this catastrophe, we should view the most profuond party that will . .more

by Dear mathwasa on November 10 2008, 15:31
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Thabo Mbeki he will be next secretary-general of United Nation no matter what

by Dear Mathwasa on November 10 2008, 15:33
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Spot the difference!!
I like the fact that one can spot the difference between TM supporters(dignified, well spoken in the midst of everything) and JZ supporters(inconsiderate, power-driven, aggresive people). It is really sad that this country is facing the possibility of . .more

by Mbb on November 16 2008, 00:37
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Mbekis Letter
I find more consitency in this letter in the context of the last one he (TM and JZ )Co-authored. I just hope we learn from this icon of struggle, equally be able to allow space for the current ANC President to lead the ANC. Political Education and . .more

by Luthando Fiki on November 18 2008, 16:20
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The Exchange of Ideas btn Irvin Jim and Trevor Manuel
With due respect to NUMSA , I feel personalizing debates has a tendency of missing out on the opportunity to be heard . I carefully read both the press statement by Numsa and the subsequent response by Trevor Manuel . Cde Jim deviated much to my . .more

by Luthando Fiki on November 18 2008, 16:33
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Response to thabo's Letter
The Letter is nice written and straight to the point.

by Symittrious on November 27 2008, 11:55
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i only have one q for tm,what political party do you belong to now?

by anny on July 20 2009, 12:53
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this is alarming and shivering, that the almighty president of south africa can be treated this way by his subordinates,anyway i blame mr thambo mbeki,he didnt learn from history,so just one man by name jacob d den president of ANC can just removed u like . .more

by micho on August 26 2009, 05:28
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best president
good job tm good job, it is remarkable people like u who has given us young people a diffrent outlook on life, and we r able to stand from the rest of the world because we come from warm, capable hands who have taught to be proud of who we are. . .more

by nj on October 02 2009, 06:48
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tatu Thabo Mbeki
i feel the way south africans have treated Thabo Mbeki in the past few years is really unfair simply because whatever he did was according to him for the countrys best outcome. whatever negetive you may say about him be reminded that he did it all in good . .more

by pumza on November 05 2009, 12:46
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Mbeki a hero
Mbeki is a respected politician a man of dignity. He is a true democrat we need such people in Africa, when it comes Zuma and Malema give time everyone will laugh.

by mwanda lu on January 01 2010, 08:44
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Zuma a legacy of shame
Today in south africa and indeed the whole africa we are experiencing the the most debasing act of leader of the most civilised country in africa marring another women while malima julias becomes the best man at the wedding. South africa what more shame . .more

by lumbunga puu luuu on January 04 2010, 16:20
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by MARIAAN BOTES on February 24 2010, 13:54
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Thabo Mbeki
Just wondering if Zuma understood the letter, I bet he never did! He couldn't disclose his interests!

by anathi on March 18 2010, 15:32
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No man is perfect. President Thabo Mbeki will be remembered in history as a man who ran with the baton of emancipation & betterment of SA citizens. Well done Zizi.

by Thembalethu on August 02 2010, 23:33
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by WELCOME on May 05 2011, 16:56
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U will alwayz be my President
President TM is the Man,he worked very hard to boost our economy,I have no doubt, Im proud to say SA wont have any president that is intelligent,intellectual like TM,He did his best in everything.

by U my hero Mr TM on May 06 2011, 13:46
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TM my president!
TM has shown that indeed was a true cadre and a highly educated human being, even when incompetent politicians recalled him, he did not refused. During TM's time in power, we did not see more of an obviuos corruption as we seeing under JZ. He TM did not . .more

by PK on May 25 2011, 13:28
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i think it was correct that he must write a letter to express the way he felt about the matter not go to media like others did without his corncern.also think that ZIZI did or took a good procedure.

By Mzi Lingela

by Lingela Mzawupheli (Mzi) on May 27 2011, 17:16
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Suave setting jet intellectual
Indeed a very literate man, once again he did it. You led this country by distinction. you never fell

by mncedi hendrick on August 21 2011, 14:54
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Thabo Mbeki the Lion of Africa
Thabo Mbeki is a man i would call a giant amongst African leaders. He is a man true to Africa and her people. It is a great pity that we always allow ourselves to be manipulated into descrediting those of our principled and steadfast leaders that the west . .more

by Patrick Matangi Sithole on August 29 2011, 14:41
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mbeki is still a true and respected ordinary member of the ANC. no one will take away the credentials the man holds in the ANC, locally and internationally. a true and honoured statesman. his presidency was filled with order and respect. he never made us . .more

by tshepo mochabela on October 01 2011, 05:28
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Missing leadership qualities
I most certainly agree with many viewers pushes d country's interests first. Eversince d departure of Mr Mbeki d country was run in no order. No one understand wht's happening and the reasons behind it. I only wish that Mr Mbeki presses on wt his . .more

by No-name on October 13 2011, 23:04
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TM.a true leader
cde TM has never betrayed the organisation that brought him up.because by doing that he will of-course be betraying the loyalty of former the presidents of this movement in the likes of comrade Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela(TATA)

by TEBOGO MALEPE JUNIOR on November 09 2011, 12:11
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honourabe T.M was the best president for S.A neva had before
T.m is one of the president who showed real leadership for S.A people n opened lot of closed doors for south african citizen and abroad. I personally hate what Zuma n other comrates of anc have decided. i think they saw that it would be very difficult for . .more

by Rini YAMKELA on November 29 2011, 22:44
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Mbeki's Tunure in South African Precidency
I have never seen anyone so proper, composed, self assured and oozing confidence like my former president, TM. Thabo is a true leader. He needed no help to be at the helm of the country's high office. He earned it and was rightly and ligitimately elected, . .more

by SF Koloko on September 16 2012, 00:37
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Realy He was n President.We love U Thabo Mbeki. GOD BLESS U AND LONG LIVE.U WILL BE REMEMBERD.

by Maphwanya R R on September 16 2012, 08:51
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where to from now
My fellow South African's

We saw it when we removed Mr Mbeki from the presidential seat and we thought we had no choice and assisted in getting rid of him by voting mr Zuma. Unfortunately all the fears and the scepticism that Mr Thabo Mbeki saw . .more

by musa on November 01 2012, 12:50
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I feel like crying
Thabo we love u. You are a true leader. Thank you for everything. You did us Proud. Let Gwede mantashe drag this country to Hell by blinding people and tell them to VOT FOR ZUMA. God Help us.

by Nipza on November 09 2012, 11:37
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Should have seen it coming
A lot of us saw the Zuma distaser coming, and we warned against populists slogans that were chanted then,but people did not want to listen.The situation in the country is volatile , at its worst since the aparthed era.We are seeing strikes on all corners . .more

by Sbonelo Mbuyazi on November 14 2012, 17:03
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my presdent
Everyday , everytime and where ever I am when your name (thabo Mbeki) is mentioned from any spheres of the world, especially around Africa and south Africa in particular,I personal feel the pain of loosing a leader like you, you will always be a leader . .more

by Khanye promise mlilo mberengwa on March 22 2013, 16:05
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One Africa One Vision
Having read this letter made me realise that a true leader never speaks for its self rather than its siblings meaning people to whom leadership inducts, Former presidents comments are not to defend him self as stated that none of decisions and actions the . .more

by Kanyisa Mzilikazi on April 07 2013, 09:38
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What goes round comes round TM

by Philanimguni@yahoo.com on April 08 2013, 21:36
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True / Not rue, True President of The People, The Honourable President Mr.Jacob Zuma, That is!!XPeptoX@Jozi.

by XPeptoX on September 30 2013, 07:18
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Know your place
Why do people like to scratch where it isnt itching?!
Respect goes both ways, and judgement can only be done by God, Who are you/We, to judge/or Imprison,or atleast TRY to imprison Comrades, who have been fearing Prison & Law enforcemnt since early . .more

by XPeptoX on September 30 2013, 07:26
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different views
I think towards Polokwane and during the National Conference of the ANC at Polokwane, many things went wrong which led to the ANC that is forever charactarised by disorder, poor and questionable leadership behavior and decisions at al the level of the . .more

by lucas makhae on October 06 2013, 22:06
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reactive citizens of MZANSI- understand "fighting within"
it is amazing how "ignorant" the citizens of this country are towards politics. Looking at the comments from top down one can clearly see that we have more people who are "clients on the pavements" waiting to be served only. When are the citizens of this . .more

by ANNOYED on November 23 2013, 17:51
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"The ingorant" continue to put "Populist" into power
_It is about who will win power these days; not what the masses, the poorest of the poor as we call them, will benefit. TM has been ousted by internal rivalry who continue to benefit as the author Thula Bopela puts it in is book "Then We Saw Freedom Day" . .more

by iziwengu on November 23 2013, 18:11
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wish u good luck
my comander do u think we must leve our movement for wrong people who wrong us.i love anc sent me a coment on my email skhosanalesego@gmail

by lesego skhosana on February 16 2014, 23:55
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Politics are no longer political now it is just a business or source of income and it is so painful to see that people are selling Madiba`s name in any manner , whereby you find his name in taverns Nigerian churches everywhere people pretending as if they . .more

by mahlubonke gwele on January 15 2015, 10:47
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