Zuma must speak out on hate crimes - Lindiwe Mazibuko

Lindiwe Mazibuko
13 June 2012

DA PL says murder of Thapelo Makutle one in a series of homophobic hate crimes

Hate crimes continue, but President Zuma remains silent

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is profoundly saddened by reports today indicating that Thapelo Makutle, recently named Miss Gay Kuruman, was murdered this past weekend as the victim of a homophobic hate crime (see report).

Makutle's decapitated body was found in his home on Saturday. 

This violent and gruesome assault is yet another reminder that many of our country's people are still denied the basic rights and freedoms which our Constitution enshrines.

There is a spate of homophobic hate crimes which have recently taken place across our country, including the repugnant and unconscionable crime of so-called "corrective rape" committed against lesbian South African women. 

At this time, South Africa needs strong leadership from President Jacob Zuma, and an indication of his commitment to ensuring that all South Africans are able to live their lives free from fear of discrimination or violence.

Unfortunately, the silence from the Presidency has been deafening. This silence is made worse by the fact that President Zuma has in the past shown himself to be prejudiced towards homosexuals. 

Last year, the DA welcomed the establishment of a government-led Joint Task Team on a "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Intervention Strategy", established in September 2011, under the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.

Unfortunately, this task team has yet to make any report on its work. 

Meanwhile, the spate of crimes continues. 

President Zuma must speak out against this weekend's horrific murder, and the many others like it, which are in danger of becoming all too commonplace in our country today. 

I will today be calling for a debate in Parliament about the prevalence of these crimes in South Africa, and calling on MPs to discuss what can be done by the government to address this ongoing problem.

In addition, I will also be writing to the President to ask what immediate steps his government will be taking to address the violence and intimidation that homosexual South Africans must face on a daily basis. 

Such crimes, and the President's silence on them, cannot be allowed to continue. 

Statement issued by Lindiwe Mazibuko MP, DA Parliamentary Leader, June 13 2012

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 responses to this article

gay murder
I agree. What a shame that nothing has been said by Zuma.

by Mampeleh on June 13 2012, 18:40
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Ordinary crime
It wasn't a hate-crime. It was an ordinary crime, with robbery as motive.Same as with farmers.

by James on June 13 2012, 18:40
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Any crime
People in high places and rich people don't care about anything or anybody in the medium to lower class ,if it does not concern them directly,only if something happens to them or there family's then only is it of high importance and then they will
do . .more

by Corne on June 13 2012, 19:20
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Motive unknown
Why should the President has to answer to all things that are happening is South Africa, be it racism, crime, prostition etc. the contry's president has his own to do list and not available for each and everthing that is happening

by Mandisi on June 13 2012, 19:32
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Jacob 783 in Jacob 783's own words
The difference between the ANC's (and Jacob 783's) response to this hate crime and to the accurate portrayal of Zuma which [in the words of his own affidavit] "depicts me in a manner that suggests that I am a philanderer, a womanizer and one with no . .more

by Dignity is dignity on June 13 2012, 21:58
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@ Corne
That is cynical and it is not fair to generalize. Many wealthy people give substantial amounts of money to various charities, and many professionals who are not particularly wealthy give generously of their time and resources when they can. For example . .more

by truth on June 14 2012, 15:17
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A little less time on pleasuring himself with his latest conquest would leave him adequate time to deal with this problem.
In any event he would merely delegate one of his idle subservient clowns to see into the matter.

by Anthony Caenazzo on June 14 2012, 16:56
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