The Daily Maverick Big Five

Daily Maverick
15 July 2012

Website's most popular articles July 9 to July 15 2012

The following are the five best read articles on the Daily Maverick website during the week of July 9 to July 15 2012:    

1. Karen Milford, State doctors: their real, everyday world, July 5 2012

2. Chris Gibbons, South Africa - the world is looking, and it's not liking , July 11 2012

3. Ranjeni Munusamy, SA government's cringeworthy PR moment , July 13 2012

4. Khadija Patel, South Africa's 'borderline' failure - how bad is it really? , July 11 2012

5. Sipho Hlongwane, Enough about Zuma's penis! , July 9 2012

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