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11 June 2014

The front page and lead story of SA's largest daily newspaper, June 11 2014

Daily Sun (June 11 2014) - He had the circumcision because his wife kept fighting with him to do it.But the operation was a mess, and now his wife is fighting with him because of his damaged penis.


The sad businessman (30) from Germiston, east of Joburg was perfectly happy with his sex life, but his pregnant wife wasn't. She said it would make sex for her much better if he went to the clinic to have a circumcision done.

But if he didn't do it, she said, he would be without a wife. In the end the man agreed, so he went to the Johannesburg Men's Clinic on 21 May. He paid R750 and went home the same day.

"I was not in any pain. I had a bandage wrapped around my penis and I couldn't see the cut," he said. But a few days later his wound became very painful and he took off the bandage.

"I could not believe my eyes," he said. "My foreskin had been cut off and it had been stitched back on again!" He immediately went back to the clinic but says they refused to give him the name of the doctor who did the operation. The man came to South Africa from Rwanda during the war in that country without being circumcised. "Last year I visited my family and they told me I had to be circumcised by a traditional healer. I ended up crying and telling my parents I was old and I was afraid things would go wrong," he said. "Then my wife started complaining. She said real men were circumcised." He said he couldn't sleep and he hadn't gone to work.

"My wife has taken our seven-year-old son and left the house. They are living in our other house in Vanderbijlpark," he said. "I am worried they may never come back."

The man is sleeping in the Wendy House outside so he doesn't disturb the other people in the house. "I have made peace with the fact that I may lose my penis. I am even prepared to fly to England to have it removed," he said. "But when I come back, that doctor will suffer."  Clinic spokesman, Phumlani Dladla confirmed the doctor who did the operation made a mistake. It appears the patient had a lot of excess skin and the doctor didn't cut off enough.

Then he realised his mistake and cut off some more, but this time he cut off too much and sewed some skin back on again. He said the man may not have followed the doctor's instructions and that is why he ended up with a septic penis. "We have offered to do a second operation to rectify that," said Dladla. "We are willing to fix the problem if the man co-operates."  "We know it will hurt but the problem will be fixed." The man has lodged a complaint against the doctor with the Health Professional Council of South Africa, which requested the name and practice number of the doctor.

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by SARREL on June 11 2014, 11:36
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Men"s Clinic In Johanneburg
This Guys working In Men's Clinics are not professional at all, Men's Hell not Men's Clinic is Just a Name, but be worn guys please don't go there.

what happened to this man happened to me as well at same clinic a month ago

by Kimu on June 11 2014, 14:15
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Daily Sun
I think our Government and City of Johannesburg should just closed it down

by Tommy on June 11 2014, 14:18
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Medical/ Religious Fraud
Circumcision was a tribal ritual of some tribes.
Some prudish Doctors in Victorian era picked it up and started a lot of malpractice. One should not forget that doctors through out history have caused more harm than good.
Then one such mutilating . .more

by Pure on June 11 2014, 14:27
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A wash cloth before and after sex or a clean mouth are equally effective and leave the pleasure zones intact! Or castration! That would eliminate any kind of danger from . .more

by michal roloff on June 11 2014, 20:58
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Justice for my 4-5
I dont hear the doctor apologising... where is the doctor?

by Patrick on June 12 2014, 09:26
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This is a punishable offence! Where is this Damn doctor? Baphela abantui bo! What is the GVNt saying in all this? Oh no!

by memo on June 12 2014, 10:37
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sorry boy lets hope you will be fine your 4 5 will be better soon

by victor on June 12 2014, 15:00
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Geital cutting, even by a dotcor, is dangerous!
This is so very sad. Sounds like ad campaigns and colonialism have cost this man his most sacred body part. I hope he spreads his story so others are not harmed by body shaming women or false ad campaigns. Did you know that intact penises can protect from . .more

by Happymommy1 on June 12 2014, 15:54
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Snake Oil Remedies... Now for sale in Africa!
Poor dudes wife fell for the circumcision marketing scam and he has to pay the price. Government, Chaps and Men's Clinic get donor money to push and market this in SA. Circumcision is racist and sexist because it assumes men can keep themselves clean and . .more

by Angel on June 13 2014, 00:54
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I went to do a circum last week at public hospital nothing happend to me is tht we black people we love were pravite doctor sumtimes thy makes mistake n we turn agaisnt them I'm feeling sori 4 him eish

by tomdinho on June 13 2014, 02:01
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