Govt conveys condolences to victims of Mpumalanga accident

Jimmy Manyi
15 July 2012

Up to 27 killed as train drives into truck carrying farmworkers

Government conveys condolences to victims of train and truck crash

13 Jul 2012

Government conveys its condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones in a tragic accident between a train and a truck in Mpumalanga today (see report).

Cabinet spokesperson Jimmy Manyi said, "Government is deeply saddened by this incident. One death is one too many. Our prayers and thoughts are with families of the farmworkers who were in a truck that collided with a goods train at a level crossing between Hectorspruit and Malalane. We also wish the people who were injured in this accident a speedy recovery".

Manyi said government also commends the emergency service staff for their swift response to this tragedy, and transporting of those injured to the nearest hospitals.

Statement issued by Jimmy Manyi, Government Communication and Information System (GCIS), July 13 2012

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