ANC govt can't run Robben Island ferry - DA

Annelie Lotriet
19 January 2011

Annelie Lotriet says R7m in revenue has been lost due to breakdowns

Robben Island Ferry: Millions lost because ANC can't run a ferry

A reply to a Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary question has revealed millions of rands have been lost as a result of the continual breakdown of the Sikhululekile ferry, which is used to transport tourists to Robben Island. The ferry is operated by the Robben Island Museum, an entity which falls under the National Department of Arts and Culture. The ferry was purchased by Robben Island's management for R26-million, despite warnings that it was not suited to inclement weather conditions.

The reply confirms that:

  • Sikhululekile has experienced 7 major breakdowns since its inception in February 2008, which have resulted in down-time of approximately 70 days.
  • At an average of R175 000 daily earnings from the ferry during peak season, and R35 000 during the low season, 70 days of downtime equates to approximately R7-million in lost revenues.

It is tragic that a major South African landmark like Robben Island Museum continues to be run into the ground by the national ANC government. Robben Island is a momentous historical landmark in South Africa - a symbol of our triumph over tyranny and injustice. That thousands of South Africans and visitors from abroad are being turned away, and millions of rands in potential revenues lost, because of the ANC government's inability to run a ferry, is shameful.

We cannot afford to let Robben Island lose its UNESCO World Heritage status, and continue to turn away visitors in such numbers - the upshot of which is lost tourism revenue and employment creation. The DA's Western Cape provincial government will continue to engage with the Robben Island Museum board, in an attempt to find new solutions to the ongoing problems with Robben Island's management.

Statement issued by Prof. Annelie Lotriet MP, Democratic Alliance Shadow Minister of Arts and Culture, January 19 2011

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 responses to this article

Can't run a bath, can't sail a boat, can't run a country.

by John on January 19 2011, 22:50
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roben island
To save sa put all the ANC government in the ferry and sink it. Useless tunnel vision myopic mentality sods ruin poor mandelas name to the bottom of the ocean. Millions will still be lost cos our government is run by bt the baboons

by vuyo sipho on January 19 2011, 23:00
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Oh dear
The ANC want to run Cape Town ... yet they can't even run Robben island

by Sad Days on January 20 2011, 07:01
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That's what you get
Names of places and things are being changed........from there all the problems and destruction of this Country.
You reap what you sow !!

by Karen on January 20 2011, 08:27
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Congratulations ANC!!!
Keep it up ANC, the lemon is now lemonade, the former prison which was an expenditure to the country has now been changed into a revenue making entity. from zero to 7million, thank you once again. The more the tree grows, the more the wind blows, they can . .more

by Simon on January 20 2011, 09:49
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Shut up you twat!

by Jaaa braa on January 20 2011, 15:51
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@simon, seems as if your association with the gravy train is also tight! The tree that grows with tight roots gets blown over. If your roots and ideologies were more spread out, then this would remain a wonderful country. Not the 'cuntry' you and your . .more

by Rainbowlander on January 20 2011, 16:15
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Shame on you guys
Can't even organise a booze up in a brewery.

What can.......

by lament on January 20 2011, 18:23
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Robben Island Fairies
So the cretins can't even run a bath & or a boat they want to run a country? None are in it for the call to duty. Someone once again wanted to make money out of a State venture, but by not listening to sound advice, but falling to greed, messed up again. . .more

by Told U So! on January 20 2011, 18:37
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Poor management
They may as well have let the Department of Correctional Services manage the place from the start, because the supposedly great business minds (read ANC grace and favour appointments) who were put in charge stole and screwed things up just as well as a . .more

by olw on January 21 2011, 09:39
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Robben Island payback...

...steal the mainland.

Party time in Rainbowland.......... yeeeehaaaa !

Now da Red, Red, Robbens'
Come a Rob, Rob, Robbing along, ne ?

by John Austin on January 21 2011, 17:21
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